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Why You Should Apply for Portuguese Citizenship Now

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

Many descendants of Sephardic Jews have decided to apply for Portuguese citizenship over the past few years, and they’ve done so with much success. This article addresses why you should apply for Portuguese citizenship now! There are many reasons why people are taking advantage of this unique opportunity, and we discuss a few reasons below.

Apply for Portuguese Citizenship Now

Reasons to Apply for Portuguese Citizenship Now

There are numerous reasons people have decided to apply for Portuguese citizenship. These include the following:

  • You can obtain a Portuguese passport, which will allow you to live and work in the Schengen area. This gives you numerous opportunities to travel freely and work throughout Europe.
  • With a Portuguese passport, you are able to travel to many more countries than you can, for example, with an Israeli passport. This gives you new and quicker options to travel for business or pleasure.
  • Portugal is uniquely located where it is easy to travel across Europe, to Africa, the Middle East, or across the ocean to North America and beyond! 
  • While both Spain and Portugal have offered citizenship based on Sephardic ancestry, Spain currently has an imminent deadline, after which this will no longer be possible. The good thing about Portugal is that, for now, there is no deadline, and there is an open opportunity for citizenship. That said, this could change in the future, and the longer time goes on, and the more people that apply, the longer the process is taking. So the sooner you apply the better!
  • If you have Sephardic ancestors, coming to Portugal can be a special opportunity to connect to your heritage and restore family and property loss.  
  • Portugal provides a unique, safe space for Jews in Europe, because unlike many other places, there are low to nonexistent levels of anti-Semitism.
  • From an economic and quality of life perspective, Portugal is a wonderful place to set up a home and business.

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