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  • מקרקעין ונדלן

    Israeli Real Estate & Property Law

  • דיני תאגידים

    Corporate and Commercial Law

  • עמותות ומלכרים

    Non-Profit Law

  • ירושה ועיזבון

    Israeli Inheritance

  • דיני עבודה

    Israeli Labor Law

  • ארנונה

    Arnona (Municipal Tax)

  • נוטריון

    Notary / Apostille

  • פשיטת רגל והוצאה לפועל

    Bankruptcy and Repossession

  • דיני מפשחה

    Family Law

  • אזרחות זרה

    Foreign Citizenship

  • דרכון הולנדי

    Dutch Passport

  • דרכון צרפתי

    French Passport

  • דרכון בולגרי

    Bulgarian Passport

  • דיני תעבורה

    Traffic Law

  • נזיקין

    Damages (Torts)

  • דרכון ליטאי

    Lithuanian Passport

  • דרכון פולני

    Polish Citizenship

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Our offices firmly believe in taking an active role in changing our world for the better. We are consistent, patient, and professional, giving each new case the attention it deserves. An integral part of our services is to work closely with our clients so that they can make the right decisions with respect to their legal needs.

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Meet the Partners

Michael Decker

Mr. Michael Decker has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2008. After working as a partner in Yehuda Raveh & Co. for nearly a decade, he founded his own firm and eventually merged to be part of Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh law offices as a founding partner.

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מיכאל תמונה וואטסאפ
Legal Information on the Coronavirus Epidemic

Joshua Pex

Mr. Joshua Pex has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2009. He completed a Master of Laws (LL.M.) at Haifa University, and he worked at Yehuda Raveh & Co. for several years prior to joining Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh law offices as a founding partner.

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Irena Rosenberg

Advocate Irena Rosenberg is the head of our office’s Jerusalem branch. She specializes in immigration and administrative law.

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continuing power of attorney

Anat Levi

Attorney and Mediator Anat Levi is a member of the Israeli Bar Association. Anat has LL.B from Netanya College, and LL.M from Bar Ilan University. Adv. Anat Levi received another bachelor's degree in special education, from which she graduated with honors.

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Recent Posts

Visas for spouses and minors accompanying foreign citizens

By Joshua Pex | March 28, 2023

In what cases will visas be granted to spouses and minors accompanying foreign citizens? Foreign citizens who come to Israel for the purposes of studies or a religious mission may be allowed to come to Israel with spouses and minor children accompanying them. Applications for an A-4 visa for accompanying spouses must be submitted to…

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Israel’s Citizenship Law

By Joshua Pex | March 28, 2023

Israel’s Citizenship Law, 1952, establishes six different routes to becoming a citizen in the State of Israel. In this article, attorney Joshua Pex, a founding partner of our office and head of its Israel Immigration Department, will review these routes while citing the relevant sections of the law. Our law office, which specializes in immigration…

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Israeli Citizenship for Individuals Whose Citizenship Was Canceled When They Were Minors

By Joshua Pex | March 27, 2023

Israeli citizenship may be granted to individuals whose citizenship was canceled when they were minors, in accordance with a special procedure of the Ministry of Interior, by submitting  a citizenship request. The request may be submitted only up to the age of 22. Since most applicants hold a foreign citizenship as well, it is important…

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Employing Foreign Experts in Israel

By Michael Decker | March 26, 2023

How may companies and organizations in Israel employ foreign experts? Foreign experts are a special case of foreign worker employment. Despite the policy that puts a limit on the number of foreign workers, companies and organizations in Israel that wish to employ foreign experts with specific areas of expertise may request a special permit to…

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Issuing a passport for an oleh – soon to change? (current as of March 2023)

By Joshua Pex | March 24, 2023

How does Israeli law limit the issuance of passports for olim? New immigrants (“olim hadashim”) are entitled to receive Israeli citizenship by virtue of the Law of Return, and thus they are also entitled to an Israeli passport. As of right now, the first Israeli passport is only valid for one year, but every oleh…

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Dual citizenship for Israeli citizens

By Joshua Pex | March 21, 2023

Do Israeli citizens have to give up their citizenship if they receive an additional citizenship? Israeli citizens can hold a second citizenship, or even multiple citizenships. However, not all countries follow the same rules. There are states that categorically prohibit their citizens from holding an additional citizenship. Also, there are countries (including several countries in…

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Eligibility for an Oleh certificate and other benefits for new olim

By Joshua Pex | March 20, 2023

New immigrants to Israel are granted an Oleh certificate, which confers access to an array of benefits and rights. Not all olim are aware that the right to an Oleh certificate is time-restricted, and that after a certain period of time in Israel, the right to this certificate expires, together with the benefits it confers.…

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Terminating the Graduated Procedure for Israeli Legal Status of Foreign Spouses

By Joshua Pex | March 19, 2023

In which cases will the graduated procedure for arranging legal status for foreign spouses in Israel be terminated, and what are the consequences? If  the relationship between the spouses has ended or the Israeli spouse has died, the graduated procedure will usually be terminated. However, it is sometimes possible to review the continued stay of…

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Authenticating documents issued by the former Soviet Union (legal information)

By Michael Decker | March 15, 2023

Can documents from the former Soviet republics be officially authenticated? If so, how? There is a legal difficulty in obtaining an apostille for official certificates issued during the time of the Soviet Union. The main solution today is to issue a restored copy of the required certificates, which can generally be authenticated, so that the…

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Dissolution of Marriages that Were Conducted Abroad and Foreign Law

By Anat Levi | March 10, 2023

During the dissolution of a marriage –  the Israeli alternative to divorce for couples who are not of the same religion – the question often arises as to what law applies. The Israeli law stipulates certain default rules, and, if none of them apply, the court may decide on the dissolution of foreign marriages according…

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