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Israeli Inheritance Lawyer – Estate, Last Will and Testament

Inheritance law in Israel, just like in other countries in the world, is a specific area of expertise which is practiced by lawyers who have gained experience in this special field.

It is important to seek legal advice from an Israeli inheritance lawyer for several reasons. First of all, an inheritance lawyer in Israel will assist in drafting a last will and testament, which will prove useful in order to prevent misunderstandings and confusion after the person passes away. This last will and testament may be submitted to the Israeli Inheritance Registrar at the Ministry of Justice in order to be used after the passing of the person. Second, an inheritance lawyer Israel will represent clients in court concerning any disputes regarding the estate. These disputes about the inheritance may be against other family members, people who claim to have legal inheritance rights, or against various Israeli government offices regarding execution of the last will and testament.

Israeli Inheritance Lawyer


We  provide the necessary legal advice from an inheritance lawyer in Israel who has the experience and practice of Israeli estate law. We provide legal assistance in drafting a last will and testament, execution of the inheritance, and represent inheritors regarding disputes concerning the inheritance, including inheritance of Israeli property by US citizens.

If you seek legal assistance from Israeli inheritance lawyers, please contact us.

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