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Israeli Traffic Court Lawyer

Moti Orange
Moti Orange

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This article provides tips on how to choose an Israeli traffic court lawyer.

A good traffic court lawyer can help maximize your compensation if you are the offended party or help minimize the consequences if you are the offending party.

All issues related to traffic law fall under the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety.

Israeli Traffic Court Lawyer

5 Tips to Select an Israeli Traffic Court Lawyer

  • Expertise – In Israel, lawyers can practice in any legal field without necessarily investing the time and effort to gain expertise in the field. When choosing a traffic lawyer, we recommended looking for someone who specializes in traffic law and has experience working in this field.  
  • Location – If you need to meet face to face on a number of occasions, it’s often convenient if your lawyer is located close to your home or work. This isn’t necessary, but it can save you time.
  • Communication – It’s important that you get clear answers to questions in a timely manner. Make sure your lawyer communicates with you in a way you are comfortable. Sometimes, clients wish to speak to a lawyer in their mother tongue. As a result, we provide services in Hebrew, English, French, Russian, Romanian, and Ukrainian.  
  • Time – Lawyers are often juggling many cases at the same time. Make sure you and your lawyer come to an agreement on a timeline for your case. If your case is urgent, make sure you ask if the lawyer has the time to take it on.
  • Compensation – It’s important to ask how much legal representation will cost, any additional fees that may be involved, and what the payment schedule looks like.

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