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Our law office provides notary services in Israel and abroad. We can help you obtain notarized verification of legal documents, continuous or enduring power of attorney, contracts, wills, exit permits for minors traveling abroad, foreign document verification and more. We provide our clients with notarized translations from Hebrew and to Hebrew in a wide variety of languages. Our offices, located in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, provide efficient, professional and courteous service to clients throughout Israel and abroad.

Notary translation

Notary ServicesAt our office you can receive a swift, correct, and legally valid translation, complete with notarized affirmation of the translator’s certification. The notary assures that the document translator certified the translation to be accurate and error-free. If you are required to translate a document issued in another language for any official purpose – a legal document, contract, will, any form of ID, educational certificate or grades printout – a notarized translation is required.
For the purposes of submitting documents to the Israeli Ministry of the Interior, our office provides notarized (rather than certified) translations from English to Hebrew, which are universally accepted by the MoI.

Translation to and from Hebrew in any language

Documents issued abroad, in a language other than Hebrew or English (some Israeli authorities may accept short documents in English, but not always), must receive a notarized / certified translation into Hebrew.

Official documents that are issued in Israel are usually written in Hebrew (even academic institutions and private companies may refuse to issue documents in English) and require a notarized translation into the language of the country in which the document is to be submitted.

Our firm works with professional translator’s whose expertise lies in legal translation, providing fast, effective and accurate notary translation to a wide variety of world languages. We regularly translate documents to and from Russian, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Romanian, Dutch, German, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), and more. If there is a need for notarized translation into a language that is not common in Israel, we can contact a translator and provide a notary-certified translation within a few days.

Notarized translation costs

The costs of notarized translation in Israel are fixed by law in the notary regulations. The price depends on the number of words in the document. If you want to receive a notary public translation of scanned / photocopied document, you can get a faster price quote if you specify the total number of words in this document (including the official introduction and “framing” specifying the institution, state, file number) in advance.

Apostille stamp

A notarized certification confirms that the document has been translated correctly. An Apostille stamp confirms that the original is indeed an official document issued by a government authority in a country that is signatory to the Apostille convention. Most identifying documents (birth certificates, marriage records, registry extracts, etc.) require an apostille stamp to verify that the original is a genuine document. We can help you acquire an Apostille for your Israeli documents or translating an existing apostille for documents issued abroad.

Notary verification of a signature

To confirm that a signature on a legal document was in fact made by the person whose name was signed, it is sometimes necessary to sign the document in the presence of a lawyer. There are certain documents that have to be signed in the presence of a notary, as a representative of the legal profession who is known for integrity and professional knowledge. We provide signature verification in our Jerusalem or Petah Tikva offices. In addition, we offer signature verification services for people with disabilities, the elderly, sick, home-bound and others who cannot reach our office.

Power of Attorney

Certain Power of Attorney writs (enduring, under special situations) or POA for real estate operations in Israel, require a Notary or attorney specifically authorized to issue this type of POA. We help clients draft and approve any form of Power of Attorney, according to their legal needs.

Israeli Notary Services Abroad

In some cases, an Israeli notary can help carry out legal actions (for example: issuing a power of attorney, transfer of ownership) in Israel, while the client is abroad. We would be happy to help you with such actions.

Exit permit for a minor

Both parents (or the parent with sole custody) must provide special approval for a minor leaving Israel without being accompanied by a parent. In addition, many countries around the world require a “minor visa” to make sure the minor was not abducted and is not the victim of human trafficking. Our law office specializes in obtaining these certificates.

More Legal Information

For more information on the office’s notary services, we recommend this series of articles on the office website.

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