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The area of family law is a very broad one, it includes a variety of different legal sub-categories that require comprehensive knowledge and professionalism in the legal world.

As children we are always told that “family comes before everything” and “family is the most important thing in the world,” so how does the State of Israel treat the family unit and its various components?

In Israel, there are specific laws concerning issues of family law, there is a family court that rules in family disputes, whatever the subject or case may be.

The area of family law is complicated emotionally, it brings out feelings and emotions that arise from blood ties and family connections between the litigants, these relationships affect, amongst other things, the decision-making process of the litigants.

Thus the importance of choosing a lawyer who represents the parties in various proceedings, a lawyer who knows how to regulate the feelings of his client to his benefit and act with discretion. A lawyer who is certified as a mediator and can work a lot in this area, sparing the parties emotional pain in addition to saving money.

Inter-Family Relations

The various relations within a family (spouse, parents, children, etc.) are subject to the various provisions of the law in family rulings. From this we can see the importance that the State of Israel places on the family unit and on connections that are embedded within it and even beyond the moral aspect, there is a legal aspect that includes varying rights and obligations.

The legal aspect of the various family relations creates the possibility to write up different contracts and agreements according to the relationship:

The 21st Century Family

From the beginning of this century we have witnessed a variety of family units that were previously unknown to us, for example: same-sex couples, single-parents families, etc.

Israeli legislation does not always keep up with the changes and amend the law accordingly, hence the courts must take these on and find solutions to the complex issues that these new developing families bring with them.

Our family law offices

At our law office you will find lawyers who are experts in family law and also certified as mediators, and we can provide you with the following services:

Divorce proceedings and all that this entails

Prenuptial agreements, divorce, alimony, joint life, joint parenting, custody.

We also deal with the following issues: child abduction (returning abducted children according to the Hague Convention), wills, inheritance, mediation services.

In light of Amendment 18 to the Legal Capacity and Guardianship Law, we are qualified to provide services in the areas of: enduring power of attorney, preliminary guidelines of guardianship, preliminary medical guidelines, expressing of will, and appointment of guardian documents. We help appoint legal guardians and draft regular, continuing or enduring powers of attorney.

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