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Visa / Immigration to England

Immigration to Britain for Israelis with European passports

Can I still immigrate to England with a Schengen area passport? Immigration to Britain for Israelis with European passports – as you know, many Israelis hold foreign passports, in countries such as Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Germany, etc. At present, citizens of EU countries can immigrate to England much more easily than Israelis who…

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Spouse visa to the UK

How can you immigrate to England as a spouse of a British citizen or resident? Getting a spouse visa to the UK is a complex procedure that requires submitting a request with all the required documents. It is highly important to carry out the procedure according to the rules of the UK immigration authority. If…

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Types of Immigration visas to Britain

What are the different ways to obtain immigration visas to the United Kingdom? There are many types of immigration visas to Britain. Each visa lists a different purpose of entry into the UK, but is also different in terms of the duration of stay in England, the possibility (or lack thereof) to renew the visa…

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UK student visa

How to get a student visa to Britain? A UK student visa is something that many Israelis aspire to receive. Like citizens of many other countries, Israeli students want a chance to study in England. The United Kingdom’s universities are among the most prestigious institutions in the world with a history of academic excellence which…

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UK Work Permit – Legal Advice by an Immigration Lawyer

How to apply for a permit to work in England? A UK work permit is necessary for anyone who wants to work in Britain despite not being a resident of the European Union. In order to obtain this permit, the employer / company must show that this employee has the necessary skills, ability and experience…

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UK investor visa

How to get an investment visa to the United Kingdom? How to get a UK investor visa for immigration purposes? Experienced businessmen who have substantial sums of money can invest in a business in the UK, contribute to the development of the British economy, and immigrate to England on the basis of this investment. The…

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