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The Small Claims Court Israel – Legal Advice

The Small Claims court in Israel allows the resolution of legal disputes about civil or consumer grievances without the need to hire a lawyer or undertake unnecessary expenses. Most small claims are submitted regarding financial matters involving easily quantifiable damages. The Israeli small claims court may judge disputes regarding a product or service, payments from…

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Self-employed workers in Israel versus employees.

IS IT BETTER FOR A COMPANY TO WORK WITH EMPLOYEES OR CONTRACTORS? Are self-employed workers in Israel or paid employees a better choice? Which is the better choice under what circumstances for an organization that wishes to operate in Israel? There are positive and negative sides to both options. This article from the law firm…

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Balancing of resources – which assets are excluded?

What property is excluded from the Balancing of Resources and Other Exceptions? What is the Balancing of Resources in Israeli family law? In our article about property division under the Property Relations Law, we discussed how a couples assets are divided after separation. The balancing process of resources is part of said division process. Not…

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Property Relations Between Spouses Law – Asset Division

The Property Relations law governs the division of joint property when a couple separates in Israel. During marriage life many couples accumulate property together and individually, and use their funds to cover expenses and accumulate savings. When separating, many couples are confused and bewildered. The legal criteria in Israel according to to which the property…

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Firearms license in Israel – how and why is one issued

A firearms license in Israel is far more difficult to obtain than (for example) a weapon permit in the United States. Visitors from abroad may find that strange, considering the number of IDF soldiers and security personnel who openly carry weapons on the streets of Israel. However, the procedure for issuing a private weapons permit…

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Party Registration in Israel – advice by and Israeli lawyer

How to apply to list a party in the Party Register? Party registration in Israel is a relatively complex process. The bureaucratic procedures and paperwork are not that complicated – the difficult part is finding and proving the public support necessary to establish a party. The law firm of Cohen, Decker, Pex and Brosh has…

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Types of non-immigration visas to the US

Tourist or business visas to the USA What are the types of non-immigration visas to the US? The US immigration system is a complex system of laws and regulations that concern the entry of foreign citizens into the territory of the United States of America. In this regard, it should be noted two major agencies…

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Law Firm in Jerusalem

Law Firm in Jerusalem If you are looking for a law firm in Jerusalem that assists with issues related to immigration law (to Israel, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, or Portugal), corporate and commercial law, real estate and property law, labor law, and nonprofit law, then Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh law…

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Jerusalem Lawyer

Jerusalem Lawyer If you are looking for a Jerusalem lawyer, then our law offices may be able to help you!  Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh law offices specialize in immigration (to Israel, the US, the UK, Canada, Spain, and Portugal), corporate law, property law, labor law, inheritance law, and nonprofit law.   How to Choose…

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