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Re-applying for Israeli citizenship

Were your parents Israeli citizens? The children of people who were previously citizens of Israel, but have since revoked their citizenship are faced with a unique challenge when re-applying for Israeli citizenship. If you are not an Israeli citizen at present but were one as a child or had two Israeli parents, it is entirely…

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The Demand for a Foreign Spouse to Leave Israel

When a couple in Israel file a Joint Life Application, the Ministry of Interior (Misrad Hapnim) clerks at the local Israeli immigration office, will often ask the foreign spouse to leave Israel before the case will be considered. The clerks at the immigration department will insist that they can then be re-invited back into Israel…

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Spanish Jewish expellees in Sarajevo – Portugal Citizenship

The Spanish Jewish expellees in Sarajevo arrived in Bosnia in the 16th century, following the expulsion from Spain and Portugal. The Jewish communities in Bosnia (and in all of the former Yugoslavia) contributed significantly to the region’s culture and economy. Descendants of Jews from the former Yugoslavia are eligible for a Portuguese passport. Portuguese citizenship…

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Visas for Performing Artists in Israel

Israel is one of the more popular and exciting Middle East countries for performing artists to come and perform in. The Israeli public is aware of the international cultural world outside of Israel and attends performances of foreign artists. However, in order to allow artists to use the country’s halls, arenas and stadiums, visitation permits,…

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Tunisian Jewry

Tunisian Jewry can point to a uniquely rich heritage. Traditions passed down through generations of Tunisian Jews recount that the first Jewish settlers came to Tunis in the 9th century BCE, arriving in war-galleys built and sailed by seafarers from Phoenicia / Lebanon. The 8th century CE ushered in the golden age of Tunisian Jewry,…

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Spanish Jewish Expellees in Turkey

Spanish Jewish expellees in Turkey brought with them great economic capital and were considered members of the European bourgeoisie. As they settled in Turkey, the Spanish expellees made Ladino into the Jewish mother tongue, and their intellectual and diplomatic skills enabled them to gain significant influence over the sultans and their policies. Are you seeking…

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Sephardi expellees in Egypt — Portuguese citizenship

Egyptian Jews can point to an ancient history spanning more than 2,500 years. In the early Middle Ages, the Jewish community in Egypt was on the verge of extinction due to increasing Islamization. But thanks to the large communities of Sephardi expellees in Egypt from the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain) at the end of…

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Descendants of Spanish expellees in Israel

Spanish expellees in Israel? Yes, some of the Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal at the end of the 15th century came to the Holy Land and settled there. Throughout history, the Jewish population in the Land of Israel witnessed dramatic fluctuations. From the destruction of the Second Temple to the foundation of the State…

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