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Posts by Joshua Pex

Renouncing Israeli citizenship

Renouncing Israeli citizenship is often required of Israelis who move to countries that do not allow dual citizenship. Many citizens who decide to leave Israel permanently, relinquish their citizenship even if not legally required to do so. Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh, specializes in immigration to the US, England, Canada, and other countries. Clients who move…

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Israeli Work Visa – What You Should Know

This article addresses what you should know about an Israeli work visa. Israeli Work Visa and Other Visa Types Israeli law concerning an Israeli work visa is rather strict, which is a reflection of Israel’s strict immigration regulations, greatly limiting who can settle and work in the country.  The Israeli Minister of Interior is responsible…

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Work permit in Israel for Indian Diamond Experts

The work permit in Israel for Indian Diamond Experts is based on a Ministry of Interior procedure meant to bring skilled workers in the field of diamonds to Israel. Diamantaires who come to Israel via this visa can work and live in Israel indefinitely; Renewing their visa once every three years. Managers or trustees in…

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FBI Criminal Record Check – Fingerprinting in Israel

An FBI Criminal Record Check (aka Identity History Summary) is required for US citizens who wish to immigrate to Israel, or receive certain types of visas to Israel. The certificate is also needed when applying to several types of US visas by Israelis who previously lived in or visited the United States. The State of…

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Paternity test in Israel – all your questions answered

Paternity test – officially known as a DNA test for “tissue typing” Did the Israel Ministry of Interior require you to present a ruling from the Family Court that determines your child’s paternity? This article will explain some of the things you should know about a paternity test in Israel – when, how, and why…

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