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Our law offices provide ongoing legal advice for its clients in a wide range of areas regarding Israeli civil law, commercial and administrative law such as corporate law, contracts, banking law, torts, and legal representation in the various Israeli courts. Our advocates examine each individual case and, together with the client, select the best strategy for the benefit of the client.

israeli civil law

Legal Representation

The firm represents clients in courts and other judicial proceedings concerning Israeli civil law all over Israel. The economic reality these days is dynamic and the market offers many possibilities, but it can also expose people to the risk of legal disputes as part of the business activity. It is always best to avoid conflict, but at times it is important to stand up for your rights according to Israeli civil law. The advocates our offices practice litigation and conflict resolution in the various courts and other judicial arena proceedings. The firm’s lawyers are dedicated to the client’s best interest and will lay out the legal options and point out potential problems in advance according to their experience and knowledge for an optimal outcome. We are committed to professional, personal, and attentive legal service.

Contract Law

We can assist in drafting different contracts and agreements, including real estate agreements (purchase, sell, lease, inheritance, cooperation), loan agreements, trust contacts, employment agreements, etc.

Banking Law and Promissory Notes

We represent clients in front of banks and requests to execute promissory notes and objections to the execution of the promissory notes.


We deal with negligence, compensation, building defects, malpractice, defamation, slander and liability.

Corporate Law

We assist clients with registration of companies, nonprofit organizations, co-ops, and ongoing legal representation for organizations in Israel. This includes establishing Israeli NGOs (Israeli amutah registration) and providing ongoing legal advice for the amutah, according to the bylaws of the amutah and instructions of the governmental registrar.

Administrative Law

We provide representation in front of governmental and municipal authorities and agencies, including legal action at the Administrative Court and the High Court of Justice in administrative legal issues.

Legal Review and Court Claims

We are experienced in drafting court orders, petitions and claims, appeals, defense claims, legal reviews, and opinions, etc. If you seek legal assistance regarding Israeli civil law, please contact us