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Israeli Labor Law

Labor law is considered a unique area of the Israeli legal system. All issues that concern the relationship between workers and employers under the labor laws in Israel are subject to the jurisdiction of the labor law courts, which are separate form the Israeli civil and administrative court system.

Labor Law Courts in Israel

Regional Israeli labor law court

The labor court system is composed of regional courts around Israel, located in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva, and Nazareth. The regional labor law courts are authorized to hear cases according to the geographical area. The National Labor Court in Jerusalem has the authority to hear appeals against the decision of the regional labor law courts, as well as certain cases which include general issues of collective work agreements, workers’ unions, and employers’ organizations. The labor law court’s decisions may have an influence on the Israeli economy and Israeli labor law as a whole.

Labor Law Lawyers

Israeli labor law is composed of a complex combination of rules, regulations, rulings, and precedents of labor law courts, especially rulings of the Israeli National Labor Court. When seeking legal advice concerning labor issues, it is important to consult a lawyer who specifically specializes in labo law.

Our law offices represent workers and employers in all issues of labor law in Israel: drafting employment contracts, employment conditions, severance payments, payment for overtime, etc. Lawyers from our firm represent clients in the Israeli labor courts all over Israel as well as the National Labor Court in Jerusalem.

If you are a worker who seeks advice and legal consultation regarding workers’ rights or an employer who wants assistance in drafting contracts or representation in the labor law courts, we will be glad to assist you. Feel free to contact us for legal advice from an Israeli labor law lawyer.