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Labor Law

Israeli Hi-Tech Visas for Expert workers

Are you looking for information regarding Hi-Tech visas for Israeli foreign expert workers? Israel has become one of the foremost key players in the technological sphere. It is the Start-Up nation that promotes constant technological advancement benefiting the entire world. Israel is a country that is on the cutting edge of innovations in all fields:…

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Self-employed workers in Israel versus employees.

IS IT BETTER FOR A COMPANY TO WORK WITH EMPLOYEES OR CONTRACTORS? Are self-employed workers in Israel or paid employees a better choice? Which is the better choice under what circumstances for an organization that wishes to operate in Israel? There are positive and negative sides to both options. This article from the law firm…

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Terminally ill workers in Israel – Legal rights

Terminally ill workers in Israel – what are the workplace rights of someone debilitated by cancer or another fatal disease? Can this employee be dismissed? If a chronic or terminal disease affects an employee’s performance, is the employer allowed to fire them? The law firm of Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh specializes in Israeli labor law.…

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Deteriorating work conditions – severance pay upon resignation

Deteriorating work conditions entitle an employee in Israel to receive severance pay upon resignation, provided their working conditions are adversely affected in a tangible manner. Israeli labor law prohibits employers from altering employment conditions until the worker is forced to resign and therefore forfeit severance compensation. The law firm Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh, specializes in…

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Workplace bullying in Israel

Workplace bullying, also known as “workplace maltreatment,” or “workplace harassment” is one of the most troubling aspects of the Israeli labor market. Whether due to management culture or personal issues, many “bosses” think of their employees as slaves or objects of ridicule. Some employers feel that because they’re the ones paying a salary, they have…

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How to legally fire an employee in Israel?

What are the legal requirements for terminating an employment contract in Israel? How to fire an employee in Israel? The labor laws in Israel are particularly strict. An employer cannot legally dismiss a worker without prior notice and due compensation (except for certain cases which allow the denial of compensation). The Israeli law firm of…

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Employing a foreign worker without a permit

The employment of a foreign worker without a permit is not a new phenomenon in Israel. For the employer, the main objective for illegal employment is, undoubtedly the attempt to reduce his expenses. But recently, the Israeli Government has strengthened the penal set of regulation and the penalties incurred on employers. In this article, advocate Michael…

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Exemption from the Licensing Examination to Practice Dentistry in Israel

Exemption from licensing examination to practice dentistry in Israel An exemption from taking the licensing examination to practice dentistry in Israel was approved by the Knesset as an amendment to the regulations of dentistry in 2016. The new regulations allow dentists to receive a practicing license without passing a long and exhausting practical and theoretical examination. The law…

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