Who are Decker, Pex, Levi, Rosenberg

At Decker, Pex, Levi, Rosenberg, you will receive legal service customized for the firm’s clients, by a team of professional, reliable and courteous lawyers, from the beginning of the procedure until the desired result is achieved.

The firm has a pre-signing agreement with all potential clients – we only sign a contract and undertake cases when we estimate a reasonable chance of success. We work with full transparency, updating the client at all stages of the procedure.

In addition, the firm is committed to providing accessible and easy-to-understand information, whether on out websites or to those who need legal advice but not to accompany in legal proceedings.

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We have an office in Jerusalem and another branch in the center of Tel Aviv, but our lawyers provide legal assistance all over the country. We also cooperate with lawyers abroad, for the benefit of our clients in Israel and around the world.


We specialize in Aliyah, immigration, foreign expert workers, relocation and obtaining visas in Israel and foreign passports in EU countries.

Over the years, our office has helped thousands of eligible client to overcome Interior Ministry objections to immigration requests or the entry of relatives, to obtain status in Israel for spouses and children, and assisted in obtaining visas in Israel for expert foreign workers, volunteers, students and asylum seekers.

In addition to the field of immigration, many of the firm’s lawyers specialize and excel in a specific legal field in which they worked in for years before joining the firm’s staff. Thus, we provide our clients with assistance in areas such as: family law, inheritance, wills, torts, commercial civil law, corporation law, intellectual property, property taxes, insolvency and more.

Below you will find a list of areas in which the firm deals.

International lawyers who speak different languages

At our office you will find lawyers and professionals from diverse fields and backgrounds. We offer services in the following languages: English, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, German, Dutch, French, and Spanish.


Among our clients are individuals and families who wish to emigrate to another country, issue a foreign passport, or have encountered another problem that requires a professional legal solution.

We represent international and Israeli companies and a number of companies from the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf states that are entering the Israeli market and need ongoing legal assistance and advice.


In addition to legal assistance for the firm’s clients, we publish up-to-date and relevant legal information on our websites, YouTube channel and social media publications.


The founding partners are foreign nationals who aspired to help anyone who wants to make Aliyah to Israel, as well as anyone who wants to immigrate to another country, to ensure better opportunities for their family. At the same time, we provide legal assistance in a variety of other areas.

Michael Decker leads the department of corporate law – consulting, establishment, registration, and management of Israeli and foreign companies. Among other things, Michael specializes in collaborating with businessmen and companies from the Gulf states, the United Arab Emirates, India and China. Michael also works in the field of foreign passports (Germany, Austria, Portugal) and relocation abroad.

Joshua Pex established and manages the department of Aliyah, Immigration, and Entry into Israel. To date, the immigration to Israel department is one of the most prolific with most of the firm’s lawyers aiding clients in this area. In addition, Joshua speaks Dutch and his connections in Holland help the firm’s clients obtain a Dutch European passport.

Irena Rosenberg works with the firm’s Russian and Ukrainian-speaking clients. Among other things, she helps those with roots in these countries obtain Lithuanian or Polish citizenship.

Anat Levi is the head of the Family Law Department (which includes the field of wills and inheritance law) with years of experience in the field. She certified to issue an enduring power of attorney.

Nehama Ovadia is involved in the field of immigration to Israel, but is also an expert in administrative law, property taxes, civil and commercial litigation and legal representation and is also the Head of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Department..

Jordan Levy helps the firm’s clients to issue an Austrian passport for the descendants of Holocaust survivors, or to obtain a European passport based on origin or investment in the Eastern European region.

Ido Shkolnik helps descendants of German citizens persecuted by the Nazi regime to apply for a German passport.

Sasha Kishko and Netali Ben-David help the firm’s clients obtain a notarized and apostillized translation of documents in Israel and abroad.

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Our firm puts the client at the center, in order to tailor the right legal treatment specifically to each one, so we’ll be happy to hear from you and decide together whether we can help you achieve your goals.

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