Anat Levi

Attorney and Mediator Anat Levi is a member of the Israeli Bar Association. Anat has LL.B from Netanya College, and LL.M from Bar Ilan University.

Adv. Anat Levi received another bachelor’s degree in special education, from which she graduated with honors. During the course of the degree, she participated in intensive psychology courses, a passion that has always been part of her personality and which later helped her in the decision to pursue family law and mediation. An area of the legal world that the psychological aspect plays an integral part.

Advocate Anat Levi specializes in family law, with a certification as a mediator, and is authorized by the Administrator General to draft an enduring power of attorney, and has extensive experience in drafting family law agreements, such as: divorce agreements, prenuptial, shared living and parenting agreements.

“In the fervor of emotions, parties often act contrary to their real character, turning the separation journey into personal war. It is very important to me to convey to clients that the conflict can be settled through consent, so that the process becomes more humane and saves everyone involved unnecessary pain and sorrow”.