Sasha Kishko

Sasha Kishko

Sasha Kishko is the head of the content and translations department at our law office.

Sasha has a BA in Political Science and English Literature and an MA in English Literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In-between these, Sasha spent a year on a student exchange program at the University of Toronto.

Mr. Kishko handles the writing, editing and translation of legal information articles on our website and advertising articles that market the firm on the web. Mr. Kishko also manages the office’s notarized translation department and handles notary translation and receiving  apostille stamps for documents in a wide variety of languages. Finally, Sasha regularly corresponds with Russian-speaking clients who contact the office.

In addition to his position at our law office, Sasha is a member of the Israel Translators Association and operates an independent English-Hebrew-Russian translation company.

Sasha resides in Arad, a small town in southern Israel.

“Responsiveness, patience, transparency, and attention to detail – these are key to successful communication and satisfying customer needs”.