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Israeli Inheritance Law

Inheritance in Israel when the testator dies abroad

What is the process by which heirs inherit property in Israel when the testator dies abroad? Inheritance in Israel of property that was willed by a person residing outside Israel, is a two-stage process. First, the law of the country in which the testator resided must determine the rightful heirs. Next, the conclusion of the…

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Five Reasons You Should Make a Will

5 Reasons You Should Make a Will Many people wonder whether or not they should make a will, and far too often, people do not make a will until it is too late.   This short article addresses 5 reasons you should make a will and links to some of our other articles providing more…

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European Union and inheritance law

As European Union citizens become more internationally mobile, legal difficulties frequently arise in regards to international inheritance. In order to address these issues, EU Regulation 650/2012 was adopted. This regulation, which applies only to wills drafted on or after August 17, 2015, have been put in place to harmonize the rules on jurisdiction and the…

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Settling an estate in Israel and France

Which law is applicable to an international estate? The place of residence of the legator (testator) determines the applicable law to settle his succession. This refers to the residence of his legatees or the location of his movable property. The place or country of residence refers to the legator’s “life center”. However, estates relating to…

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Israeli and French inheritance law

In recent years, many Jews in France have decided to strengthen their engagement with Israel. Some of them emigrated to Israel and received Israeli citizenship. Others spend their time equally in both France and Israel. Still other purchase property in Israel while still residing primarily in France. This creates confusion and uncertainty about inheritance laws,…

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