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Spanish / Portuguese Citizenship

Spanish Jewish expellees in Syria

The arrival of Spanish Jewish expellees in Syria marked a turning point in the local economy. Establishing Sephardic kabbalistic yeshivot in Damascus, the immigrants also increased awareness of Kabbalah throughout the world. The Spanish expellee communities made such a diplomatic name for themselves in 19th century Syria, that the authorities exempted them from the Jizya…

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Libyan Jewry – eligible for Portuguese Passport

Until the end of the 20th century, Libyan Jewry constituted one of the most ancient Jewish communities in the world. At the beginning of the 16th century, the Spanish Inquisition had almost decimated the Libyan Jewish community. But thanks to the resourcefulness of Spanish Jewish expellees who arrived in Libya, the local community revived and…

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Spanish Jewish expellees in Sarajevo – Portugal Citizenship

The Spanish Jewish expellees in Sarajevo arrived in Bosnia in the 16th century, following the expulsion from Spain and Portugal. The Jewish communities in Bosnia (and in all of the former Yugoslavia) contributed significantly to the region’s culture and economy. Descendants of Jews from the former Yugoslavia are eligible for a Portuguese passport. Portuguese citizenship…

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Spanish Jewish Expellees in Romania

Spanish Jewish expellees in Romania were known for their great wealth, as well as their extraordinary philanthropy. They served as advisors in the courts of Romanian kings and nobles. This community stood out, as early as the 18th century, for its leadership in local culture and Jewish spiritual life. The law offices of Cohen, Decker,…

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Tunisian Jewry

Tunisian Jewry can point to a uniquely rich heritage. Traditions passed down through generations of Tunisian Jews recount that the first Jewish settlers came to Tunis in the 9th century BCE, arriving in war-galleys built and sailed by seafarers from Phoenicia / Lebanon. The 8th century CE ushered in the golden age of Tunisian Jewry,…

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Spanish Jewish Expellees in Turkey

Spanish Jewish expellees in Turkey brought with them great economic capital and were considered members of the European bourgeoisie. As they settled in Turkey, the Spanish expellees made Ladino into the Jewish mother tongue, and their intellectual and diplomatic skills enabled them to gain significant influence over the sultans and their policies. Are you seeking…

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Sephardi expellees in Egypt — Portuguese citizenship

Egyptian Jews can point to an ancient history spanning more than 2,500 years. In the early Middle Ages, the Jewish community in Egypt was on the verge of extinction due to increasing Islamization. But thanks to the large communities of Sephardi expellees in Egypt from the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain) at the end of…

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The Bulgarian Jewish community

The Bulgarian Jewish Community is known for its colorful mixed heritage. Jews from all corners of Europe joined the Bulgarian community after being expelled from their home countries or exiled after pogroms. When the Spanish expellees arrived in Bulgaria, their ancient Sephardic traditions dramatically reshaped the character of Bulgarian Jewry. Portuguese citizenship for those of…

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