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Spanish / Portuguese Citizenship

The Moroccan Expellee Community and Portuguese Citizenship

The Jewish Moroccan expellees represent Sephardi Jewish authenticity. This community of Jews who originated from Morocco display the most distinct form of the expellee culture. If you are of Jewish-Moroccan descent, you are probably entitled to a Portuguese citizenship! The Moroccan expellee community – the expulsion of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews to Morocco After…

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Sephardi U.S Jews – Portuguese Passport Eligibility

Sephardi U.S Jews established the first Jewish communities in North America. In the beginning, the United States Jewish community was comprised of Spanish expellees and converts from Western Europe and South America. When the Sephardi community settled down in the coastal cities of what will be known as the USA, it earned the name “Kehal…

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Traditional Sephardi Garments – Portugal passport

Traditional Sephardi Garments, just like traditional food and the Ladino language are among the cultural characteristics passing over the generations among the descendants of Spanish expellees. These days, those who can prove that their families were expelled from Spain or Portugal are entitled to Portuguese citizenship and passport. Dreaming about a European passport? The law…

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Marranos – who were the Spanish Converted Jews?

Who were the marranos? In Sephardi-Jewish history, marranos were Jews who converted to Christianity to avoid persecution, but continued to observe traditional Jewish life in hiding. The term was originally derogatory, mocking the marranos and their descendants. These days, descendants of Spanish Jews have the option to obtain Spanish and Portuguese citizenship. Cohen, Decker, Pex…

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Portuguese Nationality Lawyer

This article addresses Portuguese nationality and obtaining status based on the Sephardic Portuguese Law of Return with the help of a Portuguese nationality lawyer.  Thousands of other Sephardic descendants have successfully obtained Portuguese nationality due to this law, and this article helps explain the main steps involved, linking to other articles of interest as well.…

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