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Portuguese Law of Return

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

The Portuguese law of return is allowing numerous Jews and non-Jews with Sephardic ancestry to apply for naturalization.  This article will discuss a little about the process involved and link to numerous other articles that may be of interest to you.

Portuguese Law of Return

Applying for the Portuguese Law of Return

Numerous Israelis have successfully applied for the Portuguese law of return.  There is a two-stage process through which Israelis and others with Sephardic ancestry may apply for Portuguese citizenship.

The First Stage

The first stage of the process, and the most important one, is obtaining proof of your Sephardic heritage.  There are several ways to prove your Sephardic heritage, including getting a recommendation letter from the Jewish community in Porto or Lisbon.  Our law office is able to assist with obtaining this letter and can help you prove your Sephardic ancestry.

The Second Stage

The second stage of the process entails submitting all the relevant documents along with proof of Sephardic heritage.  These documents must be in English, French, or Portuguese. We can provide notary translation of your documents if they are not in one of these three languages.  

This Series of Articles

This is one in a long series of articles addressing frequently asked questions about the Portuguese law of return and obtaining Portuguese citizenship through the Sephardic law.  We also address other issues — like documents needed, applying with a criminal record, what to do if you have multiple names, what are the costs involved, obtaining citizenship for a non-Jewish/non-Sephardic spouse and children, and more.

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Our law office has decades of experience successfully helping our clients with all their immigration needs, whether to Israel or to various countries around the world, including Portugal.  Feel free to contact us to help jump start your application for Portuguese citizenship!

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