This article addresses issues that arise when one has multiple names when applying for Jewish Portuguese citizenship.  It’s important to note that, while many of our clients applying for this are Jewish, one does not have to be Jewish but only have Sephardic Jewish ancestry in order to apply. Thousands of individuals have successfully obtained Spanish or Portuguese passports over the past few years, and we would be happy to help you obtain yours as well.

Multiple Names When Applying for Jewish Portuguese Citizenship

Multiple Names When Applying for Jewish Portuguese Citizenship

Several times clients have approached us asking what they should do if they have multiple names when applying for Jewish Portuguese citizenship, as their name might appear differently in records in different countries.  This is quite common when, for example, a Jewish family immigrates to Israel and changes their family name to a Hebraized version.

There is no easy answer to this question as we need to evaluate this on a case by case basis, examining whether there is clear documentation of the name change and that those who change their names all share the same identity with the individual who is seeking Portuguese citizenship.  The best way to proceed is to contact us with the relevant information, and we will evaluate this and the likelihood of whether or not there will be an issue moving forward.

In the event we do not think that you are likely to obtain Portuguese citizenship due to a lack of clear paperwork, we will promptly notify you of this to save you the time and cost involved.

This Series of Articles

This article is one in a longer series on obtaining Portuguese citizenship.  For more information on paperwork required, how to prove Sephardic Jewish ancestry, what to do if you’ve had multiple residences prior to applying, obtaining citizenship for one’s spouse and children, and more, see the relevant links.

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Multiple Names When Applying for Jewish Portuguese Citizenship

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