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Documents for Jewish Portuguese Citizenship

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

This article addresses documents needed for Jewish Portuguese citizenship. There are many Jews of Portuguese descent seeking to obtain citizenship that Portugal is offering to the descendants of those expelled hundreds of years ago.  As of late 2018, both Portugal and Spain have issued 10,000 passports to new Sephardic citizens.  

Documents Needed for Jewish Portuguese Citizenship

The documents needed to apply for Jewish Portuguese citizenship are:

-A birth certificate (with an apostille)

-A copy of the first three pages of the applicant’s passport

-A criminal record certificate issued by authorities in the country of birth, country of nationality, and country of residence in the event they are not the same (each with an apostille)

-A certificate from the Jewish community in Portugal that proves the applicant’s Sephardic Jewish heritage. For more information on what is needed to prove this, see our article on proving Sephardic Jewish heritage.

-A legal form allowing the law firm to submit these documents on your behalf (provided to the client once the process starts)

-Power of attorney

What If the Applicant’s Country Does Not Provide an Apostille

In the event an applicant comes from a country that does not provide an apostille, they should legalize the documents in the Portuguese Consulate responsible for their particular region.

Notary Translation of Documents

All the documents submitted for Jewish Portuguese citizenship must be in English, French, or Portuguese.  If you do not have your documents in these languages, we can provide a notary translation of the documents.  We provide legal translation services to many of our clients as needed.  

This Series of Articles

This article is one of a longer series addressing all sorts of information on Sephardic Jews and obtaining citizenship in Portugal. Jewish Portuguese citizenship See our other articles discussing the 2015 law putting this policy in place in Portugal, proving Sephardic Jewish heritage, Portuguese citizenship for one’s spouse and children, how long it takes to obtain Portuguese citizenship, the costs involved, and applying for citizenship when one has a criminal record.

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Our law firm has over 30 years of experience in immigration law, and we work closely with immigration experts in Portugal who specialize in Sephardic naturalization to help our clients obtain Portuguese citizenship.  For legal assistance obtaining Portuguese citizenship, feel free to contact us.

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