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Visa to Visit Israel

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What should you know about Israel visitor visa? B-2 tourist visa Israel

Our law firm has a great deal experience with all matters of immigration to Israel. In this article Advocate Joshua Pex, an Israeli lawyer who has been working in the field of immigration and visas to Israel for more than 10 years, will answer your questions about the visa to visit Israel.

Israel visitor visa – the B-2 visa to Israel

Israeli immigration law has a visa category called the B-2 visa. This visa is granted to those who visit Israel as tourists, or want a visa to Israel to meet family or friends. This visa for Israel is also issued to visitors whose purpose of entry to Israel is a short business visit, or international academics that come to Israel for a conference or lecture. The B-2 tourist visa to Israel is granted for a maximum of 3 months, and doesn’t allow working in Israel.

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Where is the B-2 visa to Israel issued?

The B-2 visitor visa for Israel can be granted at one of 3 places. First, at an Israeli border crossing; upon entry to Israel, the border control officers may grant a B-2 visa for up until 3 months. Most visitors enter Israel at the Ben Gurion airport near Tel Aviv; but Israel has several more airports, as well as land border crossings. Second, the visa to visit Israel may be issued by the Israeli consulate abroad. This is usually the case for those nationals who need to issue a visa in advance to visit Israel. Thirdly, the B-2 visa can be extended at the Israeli visa department at the Ministry of interior offices located around Israel.

Citizens of countries who can receive a visitor visa to Israel upon entrance

Israel has allowed citizens of certain countries to enter Israel without the need to secure a visa in advance. Therefore, citizens of countries such as the USA, or visitors to Israel who are nationals of the European Union, may land at the Ben-Gurion international airport and receive a B-2 visa for Israel at the border crossing. As as citizen of a visa exempt country you can learn more on our website.

Citizens of countries that must secure a visa to visit Israel in advance

However, for those who hold a passport of a country that is not part of the visa-free entrance treaty with Israel, it’s necessary to obtain the visa in advance. This is generally done at the Israeli consulate in their homeland. Also, an Israeli citizen is able to invite a guest to visit Israel from a country which requires a visitor visa in advance. This request for a visa for Israel for a foreign family member, friend, or business acquaintance is submitted at the Israeli Ministry of Interior office, closest to the place of residence of the Israeli.

Citizens of certain countries, such as China or India are not part of the visa free program to Israel, but do have special agreements, especially for visitors who wish to enter Israel for business purposes.  You can read more about the business visa for Chinese or Indian nationals on our website.

Have you had problems with the Israeli immigration officials in the past? If yes, you will need to organize your entrance to Israel in advance.

If you have over-stayed your visa in Israel in the past, or else have ever been refused entry to Israel, in the last 10 years at least, you will be wise to secure a visa for Israel in advance, even if you hold a passport of a visa free country. You don’t want to take the risk of arriving at the Israeli border crossing and being denied an Israel visitor visa. You can read more about reasons for denial to enter Israel as a tourist on our website.

Please note, that if your purpose of visit Israel is family unification with an Israel partner or spouse, Israeli immigration policy requires that you arrange your entrance in advance and not arrive on a visa to visit Israel as a tourist, therefore you may be refused entrance at the border. You can read more about inviting a foreign partner to visit Israel on our website.

How long is the duration of the B-2 visa to visit Israel?

The B-2 visa is issued for a maximum of 3 months. Please note that the border control officials may decide to grant an Israel visitor visa for a shorter time. Usually a visa is granted for a short time in cases where there is suspicion of intention to illegally over-stay of the visa in Israel, or work without a legal work permit. It’s important to explain that once you leave Israel, the visa for Israel expires. Upon entry back to the country, you will receive a new visa. However, Israeli immigration officials don’t approve of tourists re-entering the country for the purpose of extending their visa. In principle, it’s advisable not to stay in Israel on a B-2 visa for more than 3 months per year.

Extending a visa to visit Israel – Is this possible and how?

It is possible to extend the visa to Israel in certain cases. This is usually the exception to the rule. Usually a foreigner who enters Israel as a tourist, with a visa to visit Israel, is expected to stay in Israel for a short period of time. The maximum duration of the B-2 tourist visa, granted upon entry to Israel, is 3 months.

However, there may be special circumstances in which the tourists need to extend their visa in Israel. The Israel visitor visa will usually be extended due to issues of health, or a request to stay longer for family reasons. These requests are submitted at the Israeli Ministry of Interior office, department of visas and immigration. You can read more about the extension of the B-2 visa in Israel on our website.

If a person is eligible to make Aliyah according to the law of return – the person os Jewish or has parents or grandparents that are Jews – it will be easier to extend the B-2 visitor visa in Israel. If your request for extending your visitor visa to Israel has been refused by the Ministry of interior, but in your opinion this is a mistake, it’s important to know that you can take legal actions. You have the legal right to appeal this decision, and eventually can even take the case to court; the special appeals tribunal under the Entry to Israel law.

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If you have any questions regarding the above information on the visitor visa to Israel, or else have questions about Israeli immigration in general, please contact our law firm. We will be glad to hear from you and get back to you as fast as possible.

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