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Immigration to Israel

Tourist Visa Extension: Staying longer in Israel

There may be several reasons why a short trip to Israel may result in the need to stay for a longer period of time than the original Visa allows for. If this occurs, you must submit an application for a Tourist Visa Extension at the Ministry of Interior (Misrad Hapnim). At Cohen, Decker, Pex and…

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Your right to Inquiry: Using the Freedom of Information Act in Israel

What is the Freedom of Information Act? The Freedom of Information Act (1998) states that every Israeli citizen, or foreign citizen with a legal issue in Israel, has the right to receive information from Israeli public corporations and public authorities. This allows for a transparent and democratic Government and ensures citizens can understand decisions that…

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How can I work in Israel without making Aliyah?

The law firm of Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh specializes in immigration, visas, and Aliyah to Israel. As we help obtain Israeli work visas for foreign specialists, members of the general public often ask us “How can I, as a non-Jew, work in Israel”? In this article we will explain the laws and practical process involved…

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Investors Visa in Israel for Americans – Important Information

The Investors Visa in Israel for US citizens as explained by Israeli Immigration Lawyer, Advocate Michael Decker. In order for an American investor to obtain the Israeli B-5 investor’s visa, they must invest in an economically viable Israeli business. The investor must possess ownership of at least 50% of the business or operative control of…

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State sponsored Giyur for non-residents of Israel

State sponsored Giyur allows non-Jewish foreign citizens to convert into Judaism. The converts are also considered Jewish in terms of the Law of Return and therefore are eligible to immigrate to Israel. This form of immigration is open to non-Jewish citizens and residents of Israel (who are not Palestinians or East Jerusalem residents). However, those who…

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Legal Residency for Children of Foreign Workers in Israel

Legal residency status for children of foreign workers in Israel has changed over the years following various government resolutions on the issue. What does this imply in practice for foreign workers and their children? Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh Law Firm, which specializes precisely in the issue of entry and immigration into Israel, tends to…

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The B-5 investment visa in Israel for US citizens

The B-5 investment visa, implemented in May 2019, allows US citizens to invest in a business venture in Israel and obtain legal status in Israel. The investors and their families can live and work in Israel while the business is active. The visa is applicable even to foreign citizens who are not entitled to Aliyah…

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Unaccompanied minors traveling abroad from Israel – Parental approval

Unaccompanied minors traveling abroad without having both their parents with them present a legally sensitive issue for border control and immigration authorities at airports and border crossings. Parents who want to send their children abroad accompanied by relatives and friends must ensure their documents are in order. Border control officials at the Ben-Gurion Airport and…

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Denial of paternity based on DNA testing?

Is it possible to deny the fatherhood of an Israeli minor? Denial of paternity based on DNA tests is possible in many Western countries. If the test proves the ostensible father is not really the biological parent, he is freed of obligations towards the child. Family law in Israel, meaning both Jewish rabbinical traditions and…

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