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Immigration to Israel

“No religion” registration in the Israeli Population Registry

How to change one’s registry entry to “devoid of religion”? A “no religion” registration in the Israeli public records registry is a fundamentally different process than a regular alteration of the religion and nationality clause. The change in registration to “religion-less” is essentially a declarative step. It is adopted mainly by Israeli citizens who support…

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B-5 visa – Israeli Investor Visa for USA citizens

Do you want to obtain legal status in Israel as an American foreign investor? The B-5 visa – the first Israeli investment visa for citizens of the USA – was approved back in 2014, but only implemented on the 1st of May 2019. In addition to it’s role in encouraging investment in the Israeli economy,…

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Joint Life Application in Israel for a Foreign Partner

A “joint life application” starts the process of providing legal status in Israel for the foreign partner of an Israeli citizen / resident. There are two ways to open a joint life application in Israel. One is for a married couple (via procedure 5.2.0008), while the other is for a cohabiting partners, also known as…

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Israeli Entry permit for visa-exempt citizens

Visitors to Israel from visa-exempt countries who still require a visa Entry permit for visa-exempt citizens. Visitors who come to Israel from countries that do not require an entry permit are sometimes still asked to acquire a visa in advance. Who needs an advance permit to enter Israel, despite being the citizen of a “visa-free”…

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Short Term Foreign Expert Visa to Israel

Do you need to urgently bring a foreign worker to Israel? A short term foreign expert visa to Israel can be obtained more easily than a regular work visa. The Ministry of the Interior has a procedure which allows a foreign expert who specializes in a unique field to enter Israel for a short period.…

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Immigration to Israel – Entry and status in Israel

Immigration to Israel – the right to receive legal status in Israel. Since the 1990s, the state of Israel has become an attractive destination for Jewish immigrants, foreign workers and anyone wishing to relocate and settle in Israel. In addition to Jews or descendants of Jews entitled to make Aliyah based on the law of…

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Contradictions in the interview for an Israeli joint-life application

Contradictions in the interview at Misrad Hapnim (Israeli Ministry of Interior) are the main reason for the rejection of requests for family unification and cohabitation in Israel. Any citizen of Israel who wishes to invite a foreign spouse into Israel must submit a request at the Ministry of the Interior, department of immigration. The documents…

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Expiry of permanent residence in Israel

Expiry of permanent residence in Israel – how and why can someone’s Israeli permanent residence status (Toshav Keva) be “cancelled“? Joshua Pex, an Israeli immigration lawyer, will explain how the status of a permanent resident in Israel can be lost. What can be done after the expiry permanent residence status in Israel? Cohen, Decker, Pex,…

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Aliyah after adoption – Israeli citizenship for Adoptee

Aliyah after adoption – Is a non-Jewish child adopted by an Aliyah-eligible family entitled to return to Israel? The Israeli law office of Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh specializes in Aliyah and immigration to Israel. In other articles we explained the rights to immigrate to Israel after de-facto adoption, as well as the possibility of Aliyah…

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