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UAE NGO Permits to the Palestinian Territories

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This article will discuss UAE NGO permits to the Palestinian Territories in the context of registering as a foreign NGO in Israel. 

Often, international aid agencies seek to register as NGOs to provide humanitarian or other assistance to Gaza or the West Bank, and they seek to bring in workers for this purpose.  Here, we will outline some of what you need to know for this process.

Obtaining Recognition for Operations – UAE NGO Permits to the Palestinian Territories

Prior to providing assistance or aid, the United Arab Emirates NGO will need to obtain recognition from the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, and Social Services.

In order to register as an international aid agency in Israel, you need to provide the following list of documents:

  • A letter requesting recognition, provided by the UAE NGO’s primary office of operation.
  • A description of the organization’s activities, along with an annual report and budget.
  • A description of the program the UAE NGO plans to carry out in the West Bank and/or Gaza, including a proposed budget.  This must also indicate the sources of the funding.
  • A document showing registration with the Palestinian Authority permitting operation in the Palestinian Territories.
  • A copy of the NGO’s certificate of registration in the United Arab Emirates, including articles of incorporation, bylaws, and a list of directors.  The certificate of registration must be authenticated by an apostille in the Emirates prior to submitting these documents in Israel.
  • Power of attorney indicating who is the representative of the NGO in Israel, and this representative will need to be interviewed as part of the process.
  • A list of employees who the UAE NGO would like to work in Israel.
  • A work visa request for the employees the UAE NGO seeks to have work in Israel.  This must include a curriculum vitae, job description, copy of passport, and letter of employment for each worker.
  • A copy of the rental contract of the NGO’s office in Israel, which is required for operations in Israel.
  • Contact information for the NGO in Israel and in the Emirates. This includes a website, fax, email, phone numbers, or any other relevant information.

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If you seek UAE NGO permits to the Palestinian Territories, and you want to set up an international aid office in Israel to conduct operations in Gaza or the West Bank, we would be happy to assist with the registration and visa needs.  (See other articles on expert worker and tourist visas to Israel.) 

Our law offices specialize in immigration, non-profit, and corporate law, and we have assisted many foreign companies with establishing operations in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.  Please contact Advocate Michael Decker for legal assistance.

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