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Israeli Entry permit for visa-exempt citizens

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

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Visitors to Israel from visa-exempt countries who still require a visa

Entry permit for visa-exempt citizens. Visitors who come to Israel from countries that do not require an entry permit are sometimes still asked to acquire a visa in advance. Who needs an advance permit to enter Israel, despite being the citizen of a “visa-free” country?

The Israeli border control has a computerized database of visitors who were deported or whose entry is restricted. If such a visitor attempts to enter Israel without obtaining an entry permit in advance, they will probably be refused entry to Israel and expelled. Therefore, the foreign visitor must obtain an entry permit from the Population and Migration Authority bureau prior to their arrival in Israel. Their request will be processed based on the individual circumstances of the matter.

What circumstances restrict a visitor’s right to enter Israel?

Entry permit for visa-exempt citizensThis article by advocate Joshua Pex will explain the requirements of an entry permit for visa-exempt citizens. The law office of Decker, Pex, Levi, Rosenberg specializes in entry and immigration to Israel. Among other things, our law firm in Jerusalem and Petkah Tikva assists in obtaining entry visas to Israel for foreigners who encounter problems at Ben-Gurion Airport or other border crossings.

Visitors invited by foreign workers need a special entry visa:

A foreign worker who legally works and lives in Israel is not permitted to invite a “foreign” family member to Israel, except in exceptional cases, in which case the request will be forwarded to a department manager at the Population Authority headquarters.

If the request is approved, the entry of the “foreigner” (the invitee) will usually be subject to the deposit of a bank guarantee of NIS 30,000 (this amount may change) for each invitee, as well as the presentation of a flight ticket with an undertaking to leave Israel.

An application for change in the amount of the bank guarantee can be submitted at the recommendation of the Director of the Population and Immigration Authority Office to the headquarters. The invitee’s visa will be limited to a maximum period of 30 days, with no possibility of extension.

The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the period of the permit. Population and Immigration Authority officials will examine the period of residence and status of a foreign worker who invites a family member to Israel and the additional conditions for their continued stay under the Entry into Israel Law. They will allow or refuse the request based on the circumstances.

A visitor who had previously illegally entered / stayed in Israel

A foreign national who has stayed in Israel illegally for over 30 days may return to Israel for a visit only after one year has elapsed since their departure. In addition, if the foreign national has been staying in Israel illegally for more than a year, and now wishes to enter Israel, they must obtain prior approval from the Population and Immigration Authority.

Visitors who were previously deported / refused entry

A foreign visitor whose entry into Israel has previously been refused for any reason may enter Israel only after being issued an official invitation by a party in Israel (an Israeli resident or citizen) applying to the Population Authority Bureau. The inviting party will generally be asked to provide a bank guarantee. If the foreign visitor overstays beyond the duration of their visa, the guarantee is forfeit.

Entry permit for visa-exempt citizens – Foreign spouses

A spouse of an Israeli citizen (by virtue of marriage / cohabitation), who is entering Israel in order to live in the country with their partner, must be invited to enter the country by the Israeli spouse in accordance with the relevant procedure of the Population and Migration Authority. The Population and Immigration Bureau shall notify the Israeli consulate in their country of origin of approval or refusal of entry. The consulate, in turn, will inform the spouse of the decision.

Illegal workers who were previously deported

Illegal work in Israel is likely to have serious consequences for the possibility of future entry into Israel. Illegal workers are forbidden from returning to Israel for a period of at least 10 years. In accordance with the circumstances, an immigration attorney can appeal to the Ministry of Interior to remove the restriction, so that the former illegal worker can obtain an entry visa to Israel.

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Our Israeli law firm has expert lawyers in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Our law office specializes in visas and entry permits to Israel. We assist foreign citizens in immigrating  and obtaining visas to Israel. Contact us for advice and help regarding entry permit for visa-exempt citizens.

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