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Israeli visa for Indian businessmen – advice from an Israeli lawyer

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

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Israeli immigration law allows Indian nationals enter Israel for business purposes?

An Israeli visa for Indian businessmen, which allows for multiple entry into Israel for business purposes, is the subject of a new act by the Israeli government. In the purpose of the developing economic cooperation between Israel and India, the Israeli Ministry of Interior, under government orders, issued a new procedure (as of early 2018) that will help Indian businessmen enter Israel easily and quickly. Our law firm specializes in issues of entry into Israel. This article by attorney Joshua Pex, an immigration attorney to Israel, will explain how to apply for a visa for business-people from India.

What are the diplomatic and economic ties between India and Israel?

Israeli visa for Indian businessmenWith the collapse of the Soviet Union, the formerly cold relations between India and Israel began to thaw. Their respective security services shared information about dealing with Muslim and Sikh terrorism. In addition, Israel has gradually become the second largest exporter of arms to India, and cooperation is flourishing in the field of agriculture and botanical research. Both countries have a vibrant tourist industry that appeals to their respective populations, with Indians being the second largest tourist group in Israel. India’s economy has one of the highest rates of growth in the world, and the opportunities for Indian business in Israel, which has technological expertise and the high-tech industry, is boundless.

The leaders of both countries promote this cooperation. Narendra Modi was the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel in 2017. In January 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited India. The purpose of the visits was to promote military, political and economic cooperation. After Netanyahu’s visit to India, the Interior Ministry launched a new procedure to allow business-people from India to visit Israel. The procedure allows multiple visits to Israel for business-related reasons, for a period of up to 90 days at a time.

What are the conditions for obtaining an Israeli visa for Indian businessmen?

The procedure allows Indian businessmen to obtain a multiple-entry visa and a permit to reside in Israel during the time needed to organize business activity. A citizen of India must be recognized as a business visitor (B / 2 visa – Businessman) who has entered Israel for the purpose of seeking investments, market research, business negotiations, etc. The visa is granted for a maximum period of 5 years. However, it is important to emphasize that it is impossible to stay in Israel more than 90 days at a time.

The Indian businessman must have documents attesting to him being an owner or representative of a corporation or company legally registered in India.The Indian company must have been registered for at least 6 months before it can send representatives to Israel on the basis of this law. The businessman’s passport must be valid for at least 18 months from the date of the submission of the application.

Where and how to submit the application for a business visa?

The application is submitted to Israel by one of Israel’s consulates in India (as of 2018, there are Israeli consulates in Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi). The visa application must include the corporation’s registration certificates and documents confirming the role of the visa applicant in the organization (owner, manager, employee). Also the visa applicant is required to submit a letter explaining the purpose of visit to Israel, the expected period of stay and the intended business activity. The letter needs to include a detailed list of the companies / organizations in Israel which the representative is meant to meet, and their contacts in Israel should also be presented. Finally, the business visa applicant must have private health insurance for the duration of his stay in Israel.

The procedure is not valid for the citizens of India who wish to enter Israel to work for an Israeli or international organization, including the direct sale of Indian products or for companies engaged in manpower supply.

Required recommendations:

The first condition for obtaining an Israeli visa for Indian businessmen is the recommendation of the economic attache at the consulate where the application is submitted. The representative examines the application on the basis of the possible contribution to the Israeli economy, and on the other hand, on the basis of the professional reputation of the company requesting a business visa for its representative.

In addition, a letter of invitation must be attached to the application from the Israeli corporation / organization / government ministry that is interested in business relations with the Indian company. Also, attached documents attesting to the purpose of the meeting, and stating that the Indian businessman is not going to be employed by the company / organization who invite him to Israel.

What are the terms of an Israeli visa for Indian businessmen?

The visa allows entry and exit from Israel for business purposes for a period of up to 5 years, provided that each visit does not last for more than 90 days. Of course, during the stay in Israel, the visa holder must deal only with the business relationship for which he received the visa. If it becomes known that the visa to Israel was received fraudulently or that visa holder remains in Israel after it expires or works within Israel, the Population and Migration Authority may cancel it.

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