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Israeli Immigration Lawyer in Jerusalem

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

Morgan Jones

The team at Decker, Pex & Co have been awesome to work with in helping our US company establish banking in Israel and in providing counsel for legal needs in Israel. I highly recommend!

Israeli Immigration Lawyer in Jerusalem

If you are looking for an Israeli immigration lawyer in Jerusalem, you’ve come to the right place!  We have extensive experience working with clients to help them with immigration issues.  This includes assistance with aliyah, residency status, foreign expert work visas for companies, clergy visas, tourist visas, and more.

How We Can Help You

There are so many lawyers in Jerusalem, and we know it can be hard to find the right lawyer for you.  As a result, we provide a short guide to finding an Israeli immigration lawyer in Jerusalem who best fits your needs!

All immigration issues fall under the jurisdiction of the Israeli Ministry of Interior.  We can help simplify any of the processes and help walk you through whatever legal assistance you need.

Aliyah (Immigration) to Israel

We are often asked about aliyah (or immigration) to Israel.  We have helped many clients throughout this process.   According to the Israeli Law of Return, any Jew or descendant of Jews (with one Jewish grandparent) is eligible to immigrate to Israel.  We address many issues related to aliyah in our Israeli immigration articles on our website, including aliyah for someone who entered Israel with a tourist visa and aliyah for great-grandchildren of a Jew, among others.

Israeli Immigration Lawyer in Jerusalem

Spouse or Partner Visa to Israel

If a non-Israeli citizen marries or has a common law marriage with an Israeli citizen or permanent resident, the non-Israeli citizen can obtain legal status in Israel.  The process takes about five years during which the couple must prove the sincerity of their relationship.  The non-Israeli spouse will first obtain a work visa, then temporary residency and finally permanent residency or Israeli citizenship.  We have written a number of articles on the procedures to obtain a marriage visa or common law marriage visa.

Other Types of Visas to Israel

We have written a number of articles on other types of visas to Israel, including a humanitarian visa, an A/5 temporary resident visa, visas for parents of Israeli citizens, B/1 work visas for international aid workers, and more.

Contact an Israeli Immigration Lawyer in Jerusalem

If you need help with any issue related to Israeli immigration and visas, please contact us.  

Advocate Joshua Pex specializes in immigration law in Israel, and he would be happy to discuss any legal concerns with you.

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