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Aliyah to Israel for Great-Grandchildren of Jews

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

Is Aliyah to Israel Possible for a Person Who Is a Fourth Generation Descendant of a Jew?

Please contact us for more information and legal advice regarding immigration to Israel: 03-3724722. In this article, Advocate Joshua Pex from our law firm explains the Ministry of Interior procedure for granting aliyah to Israel status to great-grandchildren of Jews.

Menorah - Aliyah to Israel for great grandchildren of Jews

The 1950 Law of Return determines the eligibility of immigration and citizenship (aliyah to Israel) for every Jew, children of Jews and grandchildren of a Jew, including their spouses. In principle, a person who is a great-grandchild of a Jew is not entitled to receive the status of an immigrant and Israeli citizenship (oleh status).

Despite this, when a grandchild of a Jew immigrates to Israel together with their minor child (a fourth generation descendant of a Jew), the Israeli Ministry of the Interior grants legal status to the minor in Israel in order to keep the family together.

The Conditions and Requirements for Granting This Status to a Minor Who Is a Great-Grandchild of a Jew

  1. Applicant is a minor under the age of 18. The applicant’s parents have the right to immigrate to Israel (making aliyah to Israel) under the Law of Return and are bringing the minor with them.
  2. Foreign passport that is valid for at least two years.
  3. The minor’s original birth certificate. The certificate is validated and translated as necessary.
  4. A completed application form regarding the extension of permit of residence / change of visa category.
  5. One recent passport photo for the child under the age of 16 and three recent photographs for a minor from the age of 16 to the age of 18.
  6. Application fee payment for the request for status in Israel for the great-grandchild of a Jewish person.

The Application Process for Granting Status to a Great-Grandchild of a Jew

Initial applicationThe first application for the minor must be complete and meet all conditions and requirements according to the Israeli Ministry of Interior procedure. The Ministry of Interior verifies the facts. If its shows that a person who seeks a status in Israel is really a great-grandchild of a Jew and also came to Israel with their parent who is a new immigrant, the Ministry of Interior grants a temporary residency visa to Israel (A/5 Israeli visa) for a period of one year.

A/5 visa extension for a great-grandchild of a JewWhen the great-grandchild of a Jew lived in Israel their first year pursuant to the A/5 visa, if there is no other barrier which prevents them from doing so, then the validity of the visa will be extended for another year. This extension will last for three years.

The extension of this temporary residency visa every year is under the condition that the minor lives in Israel together with his parents. The Ministry of the Interior clerk checks if this condition persists every year. If the parents of the minor left Israel, but the minor remained in Israel, the minor is required to submit a request for extension of the residency permit in the country through a legal guardian.

If the minor who is a great-grandchild of a Jew requesting to make aliyah is over the age of 14, they will also be checked to verify that they do not have a criminal past or pose a security risk. That can also prevent renewal of the temporary residency visa. If one of these conditions is not met, then the request for the visa will be forwarded to the main department of visas of the Ministry of Interior in Jerusalem.

The Completion of the Procedures to Obtain Status in Israel for a Great-Grandchild of a Jew 

After three years, if the great-grandchild of the Jew is still a minor, then their parents are allowed to apply for Israeli citizenship or Israeli permanent residence for them. If the great-grandchild is now an adult, then they may apply for an Israeli identity card and citizenship according to section 5 of the Israeli Nationality Law. If they married an Israeli citizen, then they may apply for an identity card and citizenship according to section 7 of the Israeli Nationality Law.

In any case the basic conditions to receive Israeli status for a great-grandchild of a Jew is that the center of their life is in Israel and the applicant has no criminal past or poses a security threat for the country.

For more information and legal advice regarding immigration to Israel, please contact us.

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