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Elderly Parent Visa to Israel

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Obtaining Status in Israel for a Lonely or Elderly Parent of an Israeli

The Israeli Ministry of Interior (Misrad HaPanim) procedure for requesting legal status in Israel for elderly and single parents of an Israeli allows the family is intended for Israeli citizens that want to take care of their lone elderly parent, who is a foreign citizen and lives abroad. This parent has no entitlement for naturalization in Israel and immigration according to the Law of Return, therefore they are separated form the rest of the family who are in Israel and need to qualify for a parent visa to Israel. This procedure is for a single parent who has no other children abroad, for a father of Israeli citizens who is over the age of 64 and for a mother over the age of 62.

Immigration to Israel of an Elderly Parent of an Israeli Citizen

Conditions and Requirements

1) Physical presence is required. In the event a parent is already visiting Israel, both they and their Israeli citizen child who invited them must go to the office of the Population and Immigration Authority in the Ministry of Interior in order to submit an application form for the extension of permit of residence/change of visa category to an Israeli elderly parent visa.

2) In the case the parent is abroad, then the Israeli citizen son or daughter must submit an application on behalf of the parent, a foreign citizen, to the Population and Immigration Authority office near their place of residence.

3) Documents, which an applicant is required to submit in accordance with the procedure for granting the status of a lonely, elderly parent of an Israeli citizen, must be original and translated if necessary. If the document is not original, it should be certified and verified.  They include:
1) a certificate of a non-criminal record, dated from the last six months.
2) in case the name has been changed, an official certificate testifying to this.
3) documents from the last year testifying about the past and present personal condition of the foreign visitor.
4) birth certificate of the foreign parent.
5) certificates proving the family relationship with a citizen of Israel.
6) foreign passport valid for at least six months.
7) recent passport-size photograph.  Additionally, according to a procedure of the Ministry of Interior, in addition to the aforementioned documents, it is necessary to submit.
8) a letter of explanation from the parent who is invited to live in Israel addressing: where he/she lived to this day, where he/she worked, with whom he/she lives, how he/she celebrates the holidays, the character of his/her relationship with the Israeli son or daughter, and why he/she wants to move to Israel, and finally.
9) a letter of explanation from the Israeli citizen who has invited the parent according to the elderly parent visa to Israel discussing: where the parent will live, who will look after the parent and the Israeli citizen’s commitment to take care of their parent if the request will be approved.

The Outcome of the Request 

Denial of a request in accordance with the procedure:

If the person who invites the foreign parent does not have Israeli citizenship or their center of life is not in Israel, then the Israeli citizen is not entitled to invite a parent to Israel according to the Israeli parent visa procedure. Therefore, the application will be denied. Also, if the request did not contain all the required documents or if the foreign parent is staying in Israel illegally, the request will be rejected prior to its consideration. In this case the foreign parent will be required to leave Israel within 14 days.

In the case of any other reasons for rejection of a request, the issue will be transferred to the Population and Immigration Authority office in Jerusalem for a final decision. If a request has not been approved by the Authority staff, then the elderly parent will be invited to come to the local office in order to receive a letter explaining the reason for refusal. If the foreign guest is in the country, he/she will be required to leave Israel within 30 days.

Health insurance as a condition for approving the application

In accordance with the latest update of the procedure, from August 31, 2022, if the application is approved, obtaining a visa for an elderly and single parent is conditional upon the purchase of a valid health insurance policy for the entire duration of the visa. The policy must be presented to the officials handling the case as a condition for actually receiving the visa. Unfortunately, many are not aware of this update, which is important to take care of ahead of time in order not to delay receiving the visa.

Approval procedure for an application:

If after inspections of the Israeli elderly parent visa request, there are no reasons for denial of status in Israel, then the foreign parent will be invited to continue the process for issuing an Israeli visa.

After approval of the status, the invited parent will receive legal status as a lonely or elderly parent in Israel from the Ministry of Interior. At first it will be a temporary visa (B/1 visa to Israel), which in the future may be exchanged for a temporary residency (A/5 status in Israel) and after that Israeli permanent residency. This depends on the age and duration of time that the parent stays in the country. All this is on the condition that the center of life of the foreign parent and Israeli son or daughter remains in Israel.

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