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Three Month Expert Worker Permit to Israel

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

This article addresses the three month expert worker permit to Israel.  While there are various durations of the B1 visa, a relatively recent introduction (as of 2015) is the Israeli 3 month expert work visa.

The Three Month Expert Worker Permit to Israel

In order to obtain this three month expert work permit, the foreign expert worker must fulfill particular recommendations established by the Israel Buchris Committee, which helped establish the regulations followed when issuing B1 expert work visas.  One particular requirement is that the foreign expert must provide their credentials indicating their particular area of expertise. This can be academic credentials or other paperwork showing their vocational training, proving their qualifications as an expert.Three Month Expert Worker Permit

In order to obtain this three month expert work permit to Israel, an application must be submitted to the permit department in Jerusalem at the Israeli Ministry of Interior.  A successful application is then processed and sent to the Israeli consulate closest to the foreign expert in their country of residence.  One particular stipulation is that the foreign expert must not be in Israel during the application process. A successful application concludes with the foreign expert entering Israel, and upon entry, this worker is issued a B1 work visa for the duration of the permit.  This visa can be issued at border control upon entry to Israel or at a local Ministry of Interior shortly after arrival.

Issues Related to the Three Month Expert Worker Permit to Israel

Wages: While most foreign experts who obtain B1 visas in Israel are required to be paid at twice the average Israeli salary, those who come for short periods, for example, for three months or less, do not have the same requirements.  Thus, this foreign expert worker can be paid at the normal Israeli minimum salary.

Entry/Exit: This particular short term expert work permit is single-entry only.  Thus if the foreign expert intends to come in and out of the country during the duration of their work in Israel, they must apply for an inter-visa.

Family Members: Foreign expert workers who come to Israel for short periods, up to 90 days, are generally not permitted to obtain a visa for family members to accompany them to the country.  However, in some situations where, for example, the foreign expert is coming to work in academia, it is possible to successfully request that family members obtain visas as well.

Extensions: While there are some B1 expert work visas that can be extended for up to 5 years, this particular permit for three months or less cannot be extended.

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