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Information on the Israel Buchris Committee

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Joshua Pex

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This article addresses the Israel Buchris Committee and its meaning in relation to foreign expert work visas to Israel.  Sometimes our clients ask us about the Israeli government process that led to the regulations regarding approval of foreign workers to Israel. The critical decisions regarding foreign expert workers to Israel were made by the Israel Buchris Committee, and Israel’s Ministry of Interior tends to defer to the committee’s recommendations.

Israel Buchris Committee

The Israel Buchris Committee and Expert Work Visas

The Buchris Committee was established in 2001 and tasked with the responsibility of addressing what was viewed as a problem of too many foreign workers in Israel.  The Buchris Committee came up with a number of recommendations regarding the employment of foreign workers, and these criteria are still relevant today. While the criteria established are not law but only recommendations of the committee, they still carry significant influence.

The recommendations of the committee indicate that the foreign expert worker should be paid at twice the salary of the average wage in Israel.  Additionally, the foreign expert worker must have expertise in the area where their services are sought.  This is generally accompanied by degrees or certificates proving this expertise. Also, a company bringing a foreign expert worker to Israel must be able to show that hiring a foreign expert will help generate more jobs for Israelis, generally a minimum of 10 jobs created for each foreign expert worker hired.  The company must also justify the hiring of a foreign worker over an Israeli worker, demonstrating that they cannot easily find an Israeli to fill this position. Generally the foreign expert worker comes as a senior employee in an organization.

The Israel Buchris Committee provided the aforementioned recommendations, suggesting that a foreign expert worker to Israel should meet at least two of the criteria.  All of these recommendations played a key role in shaping the regulations for the application process for a B1 Israel expert worker visa.

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