This article will address recent updates about the Israeli foreign worker salary for expert workers with the B1 visa. This is important to know when applying through the Department of Expert Workers and Ministry of Interior.

Israeli Foreign Worker Salary

Israeli Foreign Worker Salary

The Israeli foreign worker salary for expert workers must be twice the average salary in Israel.  The reason for this is to discourage companies from seeking to bring in foreign workers as opposed to hiring local Israelis.  However, if the company thinks they need this foreign worker, they must commit to paying them a minimum rate of whatever twice the average salary is at the time they apply.  The minimum salary of an Israeli foreign expert worker is generally around 20,000 NIS (as of 2019).

Application Process as It Relates to the Israeli Foreign Worker Salary

One of the documents to submit when applying to bring an Israeli foreign worker to the country or when renewing a B1 visa is nispach gimel.  This is a document from the company’s accountant indicating that the foreign expert is receiving twice the average salary in Israel. In the past, a letter from the accountant of the company stating this could suffice, but recently this has changed.

Israeli policy regarding the minimum salary for employment of foreign expert workers has become stricter. The special accountant report for foreign expert wages (nispach gimel) needs to indicate that the double salary is truly given to the worker and not allocated for other expenses.  Additionally, the company that applies for the B1 visa needs to be the same company that will provide the salary, and it is an accountant within this company that must write the letter.

Other Israeli B1 Visa and Foreign Expert Information

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Israeli Foreign Worker Salary

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