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Israeli Foreign Worker Partner

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Joshua Pex

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This article addresses an Israeli foreign worker partner (specifically an expert foreign worker) and whether this individual can receive a visa to Israel. Our law firm specializes in both immigration and corporate law, and we often help international companies bring expert foreign workers to the country.

Obtaining a Visa for an Israeli Expert Foreign Worker Partner

Israeli Foreign Worker PartnerIf an Israeli foreign worker’s partner is married to the expert worker, then the partner can be added to the B1 visa request, which is submitted to the Ministry of Interior, and may come to Israel.  However, Israel does not recognize common law marriage in these situations, thus if an Israeli foreign worker’s partner is not legally married and cannot provide a marriage certificate, they will not be granted a visa to accompany the expert foreign worker. This same regulation applies to the Israeli foreign worker’s children.  If the partner is legally married, then they and their children can accompany the foreign expert worker, but if they are not, the Ministry of Interior will not grant a visa to them.

Type of Visa for a Married Israeli Foreign Worker Partner

In the event the foreign expert worker and their partner are married, they (and their children) will be granted a year-long tourist visa (a B2 visa).  Also, the family members may receive a multi-entry visa.  However, the partner will not be issued a separate work visa.

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