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Obtain an Israel Work Visa

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This article discusses how to obtain an Israel work visa.  All issues regarding work visas are regulated by the Israeli Ministry of Interior

obtain an Israel work visa

While Israel generally discourages local organizations and companies from hiring foreign workers, there are a number of situations in which this is permitted. This is most often the case when 1) Israelis do not generally wish to perform certain types of work, or 2) foreign expertise is necessary for a company or industry, and this expertise is not commonly found in Israel.  

For example, in the first case discussed above, Israel issues approximately fifty thousand work visas to caretakers on an annual basis, generally to Filipino women who take care of elderly people in Israel.  There are also visas regularly issued to people who work in construction, agriculture, or the restaurant sector (cooks or chefs).  In the second case, companies often seek to bring in an executive manager, a foreign athlete, academic, doctor, or artist, among others, to perform certain work in Israel. This article will discuss obtaining an Israel work visa for this second case — bringing an expert worker to the country.

Obtain an Israel Work Visa – Expert Work Visa

For the past few years, Israel has issued several thousand work visas a year to expert workers, most often in various industry and high-tech sectors.  In order to obtain this work visa, an Israeli company must argue that bringing a foreign worker will allow the Israeli company to expand, and thereby, hire more local Israelis. In order to keep these work visas to a minimum (and thereby reserve most jobs in Israel for Israelis), the state of Israel requires that a foreign company pay the expert worker twice the average salary in Israel.  

Two Phases to Obtain an Expert Israeli Work Visa

There are two primary phases companies must go through to obtain an expert work visa.  First, the company must apply for a work permit through the Department of Expert Workers.  Only once this permit is issued, the company may then turn to the Israeli Ministry of Interior and apply for the B/1 expert work visa.  

We discuss the paperwork required for each of these two phases in another article on our website.  If you would like to read more, see the sections on the Department of Expert Workers and the Ministry of Interior in the second half of the linked article.

It is also possible to obtain this work visa relatively quickly through the expedited procedure, which we discuss at length in our article on the Israeli foreign expert worker visa.

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Advocate Joshua Pex from our law offices specializes in immigration law, and he works with numerous local and international clients to obtain expert work visas.  Please contact us for legal assistance.

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