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The Expedited Procedure to Obtain an Israeli Foreign Expert Worker Visa

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

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Does your company need to bring a foreign expert worker to Israel as quickly as possible? Are you a foreign expert and are interested in exploring the possibility of speeding up the process of obtaining an Israeli visa? Did a hailstorm or some other emergency make it necessary to bring an expert to Israel as quickly as possible because time is (literally) money? Have you read the articles on this site about obtaining an Israeli work visa in general and an expert foreign worker visa in particular? Does the foreign expert worker meets all the requirements and the only remaining question is processing time?

In this article Advocate Joshua Pex, a lawyer from our law firm, will explain the experimental procedure for the expedited handling of requests for foreign expert employment by Israeli companies.

Bringing an Expert Worker to Israel Urgently

How Does the Expedited Procedure Work?

The procedure shortens the processing time of the request to import a foreign expert (provided that he is a citizen of a country with a visa exemption for Israel) for a period of employment of up to 45 days. The expert worker whose request for employment was referred for accelerated processing is required in Israel for the purpose of carrying out a temporary and relatively urgent task. This includes tasks such as consulting, supervision, and repair of equipment supplied by the company employing the foreign expert. Other tasks may include lectures, training, or other temporary tasks that require the expertise or special skills of the foreign expert.

Obtaining a Foreign Expert Worker Visa Approval within Six Days!

expedited procedure - Israeli foreign expert worker visa

From the moment the application is submitted, the Israeli Ministry of Interior is required to issue the requested permits (if approved) within six days. Of course, quick handling of the request, not to mention its approval in the first place, depends on the request being submitted in an orderly manner, accompanied by the necessary documents. A foreign expert worker is permitted to work only in the field written in the request of employment. Therefore, the request must be carefully formulated, noting all the specific occupations in which the worker may engage but without unnecessary overt generalization.

The procedure is experimental and may become permanent or vary according to the evaluation of the results. All information is correct for 2017.

Why Use a Law Firm to Handle the Expedited Procedure for Obtaining an Expert Foreign Worker’s Visa?

The process is complex and technical, and it is recommended to use the services of a law office that is knowledgeable about visa issues for workers in Israel in general and foreign expert workers in particular. This is true whether your firm is importing expert workers to Israel or exporting workers from abroad to Israel. Both exporting and importing foreign workers and experts requires the submission of multiple documents and approvals. Foreign companies have trouble communicating with the Israeli Ministry of Interior without a local representative, but companies operating in Israel do not often deal with importing skilled workers. A legal expert helps to speed up the process.

The Required Documents

Certificate of incorporation for the company which intends to import foreign experts.

The company articles of association. (A foreign company must provide the source, confirmed by apostille stamp, and a translation into Hebrew).

List of the expert workers in the group with a passport photograph. (The passport must be valid for at least six months).

CVs for every employee. (Make sure they are worded so that they match the required job attesting to their specific and irreplaceable expertise).

Diplomas/certificates for all employees. (It must be translated into Hebrew if it is a non-English diploma. A government certificate must be stamped with an apostille stamp).

Explanatory letter from the employing company. If the employing company is foreign, then a letter of explanation on behalf of the Israeli company inviting the employees into Israel is also required. It is also recommended to include the contract between the Israeli company and the foreign company.

And, of course, you must fill in the standard application forms. (A separate form must be completed for each employee.)

Payment of Fees

The fee is 1,190 NIS for each foreign expert and the relative portion of the annual fee for the employee’s period of work (as of 2017, the annual fee is 9,860 NIS). The first fee is the same amount regardless of the duration of the stay. The second fee is calculated based on the time the expert worker spends in Israel.

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