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Notary Public in Israel


Michael Decker

Per the 1976 Notaries Law, a public notary in Israel must be a lawyer with at least 10 years of experience. Because of the great responsibility of the work of a notary public in Israel, their background must be certified by Israeli Bar Association ethics committee. An Israeli notary must also successfully complete a course to be licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Justice.

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When are the services of a Notary public in Israel needed?

Israeli citizens are often required to present a notary translation of documents, signed by an Israeli notary public, to certain institutions or authorities. In Israel, a notary public is able to translate documents himself, or else sign a translator’s affidavit. You can read more about the issue of a notary signature on the notarized translation statement in this article on our website.

The English language is the Lingua Franca of the modern age. It is the spoken and taught many countries in the Western and Eastern world. In Israel the English language does not have any official status, but government offices may sometimes accept documents in English, since the clerks are able to read the language.

A notary translation of documents will be often required even of documents in written English. Notarized translation is especially necessary with documents in other languages, such as those from Eastern European and South American countries, .

Another service of a notary in Israel is that of signing power of attorney documents, or authentication that documents are a true copy of the original.

Why is it important to use an expert notary?

If you’re an American who is visiting or living in Israel, it can be incredibly difficult to find the services of a US notary public in Israel. In order to submit Israeli official documents (such as certificates, affidavits, and various approvals) that are in Hebrew, to a state institution, or country, or public or any other non-Israeli institution, they must first undergo a notary translation. It is also possible to contact a translation office which has a translator and a notary certificate.

Before contacting the notary in order to obtain a notary translation, it is recommended to contact the institution or the permission required by the translation, and to find out what the required translation should contain and whether there are special provisions relating to the particular document.

Do you have to find a US licensed attorney in order to notarize documents for use in the States?

The US state department specifically recommends notarizing your documents either at the embassy \  consulate or via a local notary. If you cannot wait for an appointment at the consulate, a Jerusalem notary can notarize your US documents and authorize them with an apostille seal.

How much will a Notarized translation or Notary Public service cost?

The law in Israel regulates the price of the Notarial services. Therefore, the cost of a notary public translation, signature on a power of attorney document, or authentication of a certificate or affidavit, should not be different between one Israeli notary public to another. However, you may be required to pay a higher price for the translation of an “exotic” language, that has few translators in Israel. You can read more about the cost of Notary public service in Israel in this article on our website.

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At the law offices of Cohen, Decker, Pex, Brosh we provide Notary public services and have a Notary Public who is a US national. Our law firm works with a U.S. public notary in the United States if necessary. We can assist in sending the required documents to the U.S. and receive them with a required stamp back to mail. We work closely with our clients to meet all their legal needs professionally and accurately.

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Notary Public in Israel



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