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Power of Attorney in Israel

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

According to Israeli law, for a lawyer to legally represent a client, the client needs to sign a document called “power of attorney,” or “yipui coach” in Hebrew. But what is a power of attorney in Israel?

In this article, Advocate Joshua Pex, partner at our law office, will explain some basic information about the legal term power of attorney in Israel.

What Is Power of Attorney in Israel?

Yipui Coach Israel power of attorney

First of all, it is important to say that, in principle, one person can give another power of attorney in Israel for certain issues, even if the person receiving the power is not an attorney at all. However, generally speaking, the power of attorney is a document signed by a client to a lawyer, giving the lawyer the legal authority to represent the client and act on their behalf in a legal issue in Israel.

Who Prepares the Power of Attorney Document?

Usually the power of attorney is prepared by the lawyer in Israel. This is a document that outlines the responsibilities and authority given to the lawyer to act on behalf of the client.

Who Signs the Power of Attorney?

The power of attorney document needs to be signed by the client or clients, as well as authenticated by the lawyer. The lawyer is responsible to verify the details such as name and ID of the clients who sign the power of attorney. It is important to note that if the clients are outside of Israel, the authorities in Israel will ask for the power of attorney to be authenticated by an apostille or signed in front of the Israeli consular department of the Israeli Embassy abroad.

General Power of Attorney vs. Specific Power of Attorney

A general power of attorney is a power of attorney that gives the lawyer general permission to act on behalf of the client, while a specific power of attorney defines the specific legal issue in which the lawyer acts on behalf of their client.

Client Responsibility

After giving the lawyer the power of attorney, the lawyer can act in the client’s name. The client is responsible for legal actions made by the lawyer, and the law in Israel views these actions to have been carried out by the client.

Extent of the Power of Attorney

When a client signs a power of attorney in Israel, the client gives the lawyer the authority to act in the client’s name. At the same time, the lawyer cannot do anything instead of the client. There are still legal actions that require the presence of the client themselves, such as testifying in a court in Israel, submitting an application for immigration to Israel, and other legal acts that are required by law.

Notary Signature on the Power of Attorney Document

In some cases, such as purchasing property in Israel, the client will be required to sign the power of attorney document in front of an Israeli notary public. This gives the power of attorney further legal authenticity.

How Long Is It Valid?

In Israel a power of attorney is valid for 10 years.

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