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Holocaust Restitution Lawyer


Michael Decker

This article addresses how to choose a Holocaust restitution lawyer.  There are many people who are eligible to receive assets left by Holocaust victims who had bought property, art, or invested money in the land of Israel.  However, it can be hard to find the right person to take on your case.  Israel has one of the highest numbers of lawyers per capita, making it even harder to choose.  Here are a few of our best tips.

How to Choose a Holocaust Restitution Lawyer

We always recommend considering the following criteria:

  1. What is the lawyer’s area of practice?  In Israel, lawyers are free to practice any field of law.  Usually, law firms focus on particular areas of specialization, like immigration law, labor law, restitution law, and others.  Choose a lawyer who knows the field you need assistance in.
  2. Where is the lawyer located? Israel is a small country, but it’s often most convenient to meet close to where you live or work. For many, this is an important point to consider.
  3. What language are you most comfortable communicating in? Some clients don’t speak Hebrew as their mother tongue, and it is often helpful for them to obtain legal counsel and assistance in a language more comfortable to them.  In our law firm, we offer services in Hebrew, English, Russian, and French for the convenience of our clients. 
  4. Does the lawyer have time available to dedicate to your case? It’s always important to make sure the lawyer has time to take on your case. Many times, lawyers will take on clients, even when they don’t have time for further cases. This can slow down your case considerably. Ask and make sure you get clear answers regarding if the lawyer can take on your case and when you can expect the issue to be resolved.
  5. What are the legal fees involved? It’s important to come to an understanding of the legal fees so you aren’t surprised at a later date. Make sure to obtain the legal fees in writing and the procedures the lawyer will take to ensure that the various expectations are aligned on both sides.

Articles on Restitution of Assets for Descendants of Holocaust Victims

Holocaust Restitution LawyerWe provide a variety of articles on the restitution of assets for Holocaust victims.  This area falls under the purview of the Israeli Ministry of Justice.  The articles on our site detail how to submit an application, how long it takes, Israeli law on restitution of assets, succession orders, a history of assets of Holocaust victims in Israel, and more. 

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Advocate Michael Decker of Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh is a Holocaust restitution lawyer and has successfully assisted clients obtain assets they were due.  If you would like our assistance with your case, please be in touch.

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