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Translation of a contract between individuals and/or companies who speak different languages

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

A contractual obligation that is expressed in a written agreement indicating a meeting of interests between two parties (or more) has a higher legal validity than any verbal obligation. If the parties speak different languages (or speak the same language to a different extent), it is necessary to translate the contract into both languages.

The world of contracts is an integral part of our lives. The simplest actions in our daily routines involve a contractual connection – whether the purchase of a bus ticket, the installation of a new software, or authorizing online payment. In the professional sphere as well, an employment contract is an expression of the agreement between the employer and the employee.

Of course, in order for the contract to be valid, both parties, whether they are individuals or organizations/companies, must be able to understand the meaning of the contract. If one of the parties does not speak English or the language of the contract at a level of fluency to understand legal terms, it is necessary to translate the agreement into the language the party speaks. If the agreement is not translated, it will be possible to argue in the future that the contract is void due to one of the side’s lacking understanding of one or more of its stipulations.

Contract translation

Situations in which the need to translate a contract arises

Translation of employment contracts or any other contract in the field of labor law:

The employment contract can be drawn up for an individual or for a particular entity, such as a company. Usually, the structure of these contracts is standardized, as it contains details about the identity of the parties and the nature of the agreement between the parties. This contract is signed by the employee and the employer, the latter being a company, an individual, a government institution, a foreign company, or any other organization.

Contracts signed within the framework of trade agreements between the State of Israel and other foreign countries:

In recent decades, ever since the free trade agreements became prevalent, a number of agreements were signed between the State of Israel and foreign countries, including, among others, employment contracts of various workers around the world on a gigantic scale and trade contracts between the countries. These contracts must be translated into the language spoken by both parties, in order for the contract to be presentable to the directors and/or shareholders of each company.

Signing contracts with foreign companies involves economic consequences and even economic risks. One mistake in drafting the contract can lead to a different interpretation and understanding of the nature of the consideration and obligation on each side. The contract may reach arbitration and/or the court, a situation wherein every comma may cost the loser millions of dollars. This is one of the many reasons why a highly professional translation of these contracts by an experienced translator is necessary.

Translation of contracts in corporate law:

The range of contracts in the business world is a very wide one. Corporate contracts include employment agreements, contracts between companies and suppliers, contracts/agreements for the provision of service, commercial contracts between companies and businesses, software contracts, contracts between companies and their consumers, and more.

Contact use for notarized translation of a contract

Translation of agreements between companies and individuals requires a quality and professional translation because the contracts include such substantial and specific details and have many critical implications for the signatories.

Our Law Offices specialize in translating all types of documents and certificates into many languages. The translation is done by expert translators in a professional, high-quality and accurate manner.

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