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Legal Translation by an Israeli Lawyer

Joshua Pex
Joshua Pex

Our Israeli law firm translates legal documents to and from Hebrew, English, Russian, Spanish, German, Dutch, and French. Legal translation by a lawyer may be needed for documents including letters to government offices, court suits and decisions, permits, wills, official documents (certificate of birth, certificate of marriage, registration extract by the Ministry of Interior), contracts (between companies and between private individuals), and more.

legal translation of documents by an israeli lawyer

We provide professional translations by multilingual lawyers and have extensive translation experience, having translated extensive legal documents for individuals, companies, and associations. We also provide assistance in obtaining a certificate of notarization and apostille certification.

Why Pay for Legal Translation by an Israeli Lawyer?

Legal documents are some of the most important things a person can write or sign. A slight mistake in translation, confusion in terms that are similar to each other, and grammatical quibbles can cost dearly, or haunt your for the rest of your life. A mere misplaced comma may cost millions of dollars.

The examples above are taken from the commercial sphere, but as a law firm that also specializes in immigration to Israel, we often see the impact of mistakes on applications processed by government agencies. Bureaucrats tend to think of mistakes and inaccuracies as a sign of trying to fool the system. Requests for family unification, work visas, deportation appeals, and other documents that determine the future course of one’s life may be accepted or rejected on the basis of accuracy in terms and choice of words.

Wouldn’t a Professional Translation Company Produce an Equal Quality Translation?

Unequivocally, the answer is no. The legal and bureaucratic jargon is deliberately complicated, and people who are not familiar with it will quickly find themselves lost in jungles of specialized terms and phrases. At best, the freelance translator may be a law student who speaks one language as a mother tongue, has only basic knowledge of the other, and manages to get some of the legal terms right. Having has no training in translation, the documents is fed directly into Google, with minimal terminology correction. The result is exactly as bad as it sounds.

Conversely, a company which needs legal documents translated with hire a professional translator, someone who translates for a living, but has no legal education. The translator will discard the obscure legalese, and, following accepted translation practices, render the translation in a fluid and natural manner, without too much concern for exact terms or placement of commas. See the previous section for the possible results of an overtly free-flowing translation.

In the worst case scenario (search for the keyword “Machine Translation”) the translation will be taken directly from Babelfish. A person who speaks more than one language will see exactly how terrible the result is, but the translator naturally that the client does not speak several languages ​​and has no point of reference to judge the translation quality.

Translation by a Multilingual Lawyer is the Best Source for Legal Translation

A lawyer who is also knowledgeable about the material he translates and knows the legal jargon in both languages can provide the best and most accurate translation of legal documents. In addition to avoiding mistakes, legal translation by an attorney can also include wording suggestions that will improve the chances of success. They can also offer advice for future legal action.

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