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Notary in Tel Aviv

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

Looking for a notary in Tel Aviv? The Decker, Pex, Levi office at your service. Whether you require signature verification, a certified copy of the original document, a notarized translation, or apostille services, we will be happy to help you. All in a central location on Derech Menachem Begin 150, within walking distance of the Tel Aviv HaShalom train station and Azrieli Mall. In addition, the office also has a branch in Jerusalem.

How does a notarized translation work?

Submitting Israeli documents abroad and documents from abroad to Israeli authorities usually requires a notarized translation. In recent years, the demand has only been increasing. On the one hand, globalization means more people than ever travel different between countries and have to prove their personal and professional background. On the other hand, since more and more authorities, including in Israel, no longer accept all documents issued in English and are starting to require notarized translation into the language of the country where the documents are submitted.

It is important to note the difference between a notarized translation wherein both languages are spoken by the notary, who confirms that the translation is accurate, and a notarized translation based on the translator’s affidavit – in this case, the notary only confirms that the translator confirmed that the translation is accurate.

Notary in Tel Aviv

In addition to English-Hebrew notarized translation, our office provides notarized translation based on a translator’s affidavit from (almost) every language to almost any language. These include Russian, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, but also more “exotic” languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Finnish, Lithuanian, Polish, and more.

So what’s the bottom line – can I use a translation based on an affidavit?

Both types of translation receive the famous “red ribbon”, and are sealed with a notary stamp. Both translations are accepted in Israel and around the world.

There is one exception – or rather, one and a half – where a notary translation based on an affidavit is not accepted.

a) The Israeli Ministry of the Interior is not prepared to accept a translation based on an affidavit. If you submit documents in a language in which no notaries in Israel are fluent, you can ask MoI officials to accept an English translation that will be done in the document’s country of origin. Since many documents submitted to the Ministry of the Interior are for the purpose of obtaining status for a foreign spouse (aliyah documents are submitted to the local embassy or “nefesh ba nefesh”), the officials of the Ministry of the Interior do not tend to be very flexible. In such a case, it is recommended to seek assistance from an immigration attorney.

b) Certain countries, such as Poland, only accept documents translated by a certified translator who has been approved by the Polish government. In this case, it does not matter whether the translation is certified by the notary or on the basis of an affidavit, it will not be accepted if it was not performed by a qualified translator. Our office has extensive experience in notarized translation for most countries of the world, so we will inquire regarding where you want to submit the documents and recommend the correct course of action.

Do I have to come to the office to submit the documents or to receive them?

A translation can be performed based on a scan of the document – which will be specified in the translation “cover”. In most cases, unless you were specifically asked to include the original documents in the translation, this will not be a problem. Furthermore, we can perform a translation based on a scan and then send the documents to your address or directly to the authorities abroad who need to receive the translation, and the client will not be required to leave their house at any stage.

It is important to remember that while an apostille from the Magistrate’s Court can be obtained whether the translation is based on original documents or a scan, an apostille from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can only be obtained for original documents.

Can you help me get an apostille?

Yes. Our company works with experienced couriers who will save the client a lot of time compared to arriving at the nearest magistrate’s court, or making an appointment at the government offices in Jerusalem to receive an apostille from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (and for certain documents, also obtaining prior certification of the document at the Ministry for Religious Services / Ministry of Education).

You can bring the documents to our office in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, or send them by registered mail or courier. After acquiring an apostille, we return the documents to the client via registered mail or courier, or send them directly to their destination in Israel or abroad.

Can you verify my signature?

For the purposes of signature authentication, it is indeed necessary to schedule an appointment in advance and come to the office with an ID card. In some cases – when the signatories are disabled, ill, or confined to their residence for some other reason – it is possible to arrange for the notary to come to your home for signature verification, for an additional fee.

What about certifying a true copy of the original?

In this case, the original document must be brought to the office. For the most part (driver’s licenses, identity cards) it is not a document that you send by mail and receive back with a copy. We remind you that you can get an additional duplicate of most documents issued in Israel on the website of the Ministry of the Interior, and only have reason to receive a copy certified by a notary when that is not possible.

Can a Tel Aviv notary help me conduct legal actions while I remain abroad?

If you have already met the notary in person at least once, and identified yourself with an ID card at this meeting, a notary from our office will be able to confirm further actions after talking with you via Zoom. Unfortunately, the initial meeting must be face-to-face.

How much will Tel Aviv notary services cost me?

Depends on the amount of words in the translation, the number of pages in the document, etc., all according to the updated notaries notice (service fees). In any case, we will coordinate the cost of the services before arriving at the office. In the case of translation, you can even calculate the cost in advance using our translation calculator.

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