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Israeli Medical License


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This article explains the steps to obtaining an Israeli medical license, especially for students who have completed their medical studies outside of Israel and are trying to obtain an Israeli license to practice medicine.

In general, a permanent resident of Israel or Israeli citizen has the right to take the medical exam in Israel, and a resident with a temporary visa may also apply to be examined – provided that he receives permanent residency in Israel within three years from the time that his application is registered, and as long as he meets the conditions set by the Ministry of Health in advance, the most important of which is obtaining a graduation certificate from an external university that is recognized in Israel, and successfully completing the training period (internship).

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 For Applicants Who Have Passed the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)

According to an official amendment approved by the Knesset committee responsible for the Israeli physician regulations, any doctor who passes the USMLE examination is exempt from the Israeli medical examination customarily taken before the training period (internship).

The steps to applying for an Israeli medical license based on USMLE results are as follows:

  1. Passing an exam, or receiving an exemption from being examined based on USMLE results, and undergoing a training period (12 months).
  2. Receiving a temporary license.
  3. Receiving a permanent license.

 What Is Required When Applying to Be Examined Before Training

  1. Send the application, with the required documents attached, to the Medical Professions Licensure Division at the Israeli Ministry of Health in Jerusalem. (The application must be submitted up to 60 days before the exam date.)
  2. After the application is approved, you will be saved a place for the governmental medical exam. Exams are held twice a year (winter and summer).
  3. After the documents have been accepted by the Medical Professions Licensure Division, the doctor will be referred for a government examination prior to the training, and his/her application for being examined will be registered with the Israeli Medical Council.
  4. After passing the exam successfully, the doctor will receive a permit to undergo training and will be registered for a 12-month internship period at an Israeli medical institution.

The Difference Between a Temporary and Permanent License

  1. A temporary Israeli medical license is provided after the end of the training period and, to receive the license, the doctor must send to the Medical Professions Licensure Division an official certificate issued by the body responsible for his/her training confirming that he/she successfully completed the training period.
  2. After reviewing the documents, the applicant receives a letter of eligibility for a temporary license. The temporary license is sent to the doctor by registered mail. Receipt of the license is conditional on the payment of a license fee.
  3. A doctor who was certified outside of Israel and has fulfilled the conditions for receiving his license, worked for at least 12 consecutive months and received a positive professional evaluation from a specialist doctor, and complied with all the laws and regulations, will be entitled to a permanent Israeli medical license.

Criminal Record Check

For the doctor to receive the license, the Ministry of Health must receive a certificate of confirmation from the Israel Police that he/she has no criminal record.

The Required Documents

  1. A form for healthcare workers (two copies).
  2. Personal photo (two copies).
  3. A copy of the applicant’s ID card, with the slip and address (two copies).
  4. For applicants who have entered Israel with a visa: a copy of the applicant’s passport, with a certificate of confirmation explaining the reason for his/her stay in Israel.
  5. An examination application form (two copies).
  6. Notarization of the documents by a licensed notary public in Israel (with a red ribbon notary stamp) (two copies).

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