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Notary in Jerusalem


Michael Decker

All you need to know about finding a notary in Jerusalem

Looking for a notary in Jerusalem? Or maybe, more specifically, a US notary in Jerusalem? This article will help you better understand a notary’s role in Israel, and how to find the right one for your needs. We will start by shortly covering topics related to the notary’s work, including official role and functions, responsibilities, authority, credentials, documents the notary may issue in Israel, and more.

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What is a notary?

Many of us don’t know exactly what a notary does, until the day we find ourselves needing a notary’s services. Notaries in Israel are lawyers of long-standing professional experience and good repute, with a special authority to sign, edit and translate legal documents. Not every Israeli lawyer is a notary, but every Israeli notary is a lawyer. These experienced and distinguished attorneys receive an exclusive license after practicing law for at least ten consecutive years, provided that they were not convicted or censured for any professional offenses and finished a specialized notary training course.

Only those who meet all the specified criteria may apply for a special license to engage in the profession of a notary. The regular public may use the services of a notary for signing different types of documents, as their professional status serves as confirmation of the document’s authenticity. Documents signed by a notary are admissible as evidence in courts, and can be submitted to various authorities in Israel and in other countries.

Do I have to find a US notary with the license to practice in the state where I intend to submit my documents?

As you may know, United States notaries receive license to practice in a single state. They can receive more than one notary license, but no public notary may practice in all of the US.

You don’t have to find a US notary is Israel who is licensed to practice in your state. The US department of state recommends that you notarize your documents with a local notary and authorize them with an apostille seal, assuming you cannot schedule a notarization at a US embassy \ consulate.

How much does a notary in Jerusalem cost?

Let’s openly talk about what we all wish to know. Luckily, in Israel, the legislature has set a fixed price for all matters regarding notary wages. The rates for the services a notary in Israel are fixed by law. There is no place for negotiating the price, as the prices are uniform for everyone. Therefore, you can focus on finding the best notary Jerusalem has to offer you based on professional qualifications, without being concerned about finding the cheapest notary available.

The functions of a notary

A notary is authorized to perform various legal actions: verifying document signatures, providing notarized translations, verifying copies or translations of documents, and more. Sometimes people seek the services of a US notary in Jerusalem, to approve or translate documents before submission to the US Consulate, among other things.

How to choose a notary?

It’s important to know what to look for when choosing a notary. Start by making sure the notary’s authority and experience are relevant for your needs, as notaries have different specializations. The notary’s license must be valid and available for review. Remember, for notaries the credibility is paramount – don’t settle for less than the best.

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Notary in Jerusalem



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