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Israeli Government Press Office Card

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If you are interested in obtaining an Israeli Government Press Office card, then our law offices can help you.  We have extensive experience in helping clients obtain visas to Israel, and this article will provide some background information to obtain an Israeli Government Press Office card.

Israeli Government Press Office Card

Israeli Government Press Office Card Application Process

The Government Press Office (GPO) is responsible for issuing press office cards to foreign journalists and media outlets.  In order to apply for a GPO card, you first have to fill out an application.  If it is your first time submitting an application, a security review will also be conducted.

Israeli Government Press Office Card Security Review

A GPO security review basically examines whether or not the foreign journalist or media staff member is a security risk for the state.  The Israeli security review checks if the application provides accurate details on both the media outlet and the individual applicant discussed.  

The security review checks if: the applicant ever committed a crime in Israel, the applicant was ever deported from Israel, or whether the applicant comes from a nation hostile to Israel.  

Israeli Government Press Office Card Qualifications

The first primary qualification to apply for a GPO card in Israel is that the individual is affiliated with a media outlet.  In turn, this media outlet must meet certain conditions as well. Among other things, the media outlet must have been operating for at least two years.  The readership for the media outlet must be 10,000 papers sold per issue or 100,000 hits per day in the event it is an online outlet. Advertising in the media outlet cannot exceed forty percent of the media outlet’s pages.  Finally, the media outlet’s staff must produce at least half of the articles published.

More Israeli Government Press Office Card Information

For more information on Israeli Government Press Office cards and related issues, see our other articles.  We discuss issues like obtaining visas for foreign journalists, appealing rejections for GPO cards, what to do when a press card is cancelled or suspended, and more.

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Advocate Michael Decker assists numerous clients and media outlets obtain an Israeli Government Press Office card. He would be happy to help you as well.

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