This article will provide a list of Israeli B1 visa tips to help make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.  The law offices of Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh specialize in Israeli immigration law and help numerous private and corporate clients with their Israeli visa needs.

Israeli B1 Visa Tips

The General Procedure

The Israeli Department of Expert Workers and the Ministry of Interior have a specific procedure that must be carefully followed in order to ensure that your application is successful.  First, a company must obtain a work permit from the Department of Expert Workers which is located in Jerusalem, and only after that, the Ministry of Interior will issue a B1 expert work visa for one year at a time, for the duration of five years.  

Paperwork for an Israeli B1 Expert Visa

The following documents are required when requesting a work permit from the Department of Expert Workers:

-Employer affidavit form
-Entity of employer document (company registration certificate)
-Certified copy of 102 forms submitted to the social insurance offices
-CPA approval that the company is operating and there were no concerns registered against the company during the previous year
-Letter explaining why the company needs the foreign worker
-Recommendation letters on behalf of the expert worker
-Resume and education certificates for the expert worker
-Application fee

A Few Israeli B1 Visa Tips

In the event you are a small company without a lot of experience in applying for a B1 visa, it is essential to make sure that all of your paperwork is meticulously filled out and in order.  As the Ministry of Interior has less experience with smaller companies who have not applied in the past, they can have questions about whether the company can meet the demands and ensure that the expert worker will leave the country by the end of the visa.

Include as many recommendation letters as possible, and make sure they relate to the resume and skill set the expert worker has.

In the past, the letter explaining why the company needs the foreign worker could be submitted in English. This is no longer the case. This can be problematic for foreign companies, as the letter must be in Hebrew and printed on company letterhead with the company’s logo.  It is imperative to work with a translator to write this letter and submit it in Hebrew.

Submit the application in person.  While it is customary to pay the application fee online, and it is possible to drop the application in the mail, we have had the quickest and best success when submitting applications in person.  We always do this for our clients. If, however, you do submit it by mail, we highly recommend following up to confirm receipt.

More Information on the Israeli B1 Visa

We have numerous other articles on our website detailing the procedure for the B1 visa, how to expedite the process, how to extend the visa beyond the generally accepted five year limit, and more.  You can find these and many other topics in our collection of articles related to Israeli immigration issues.

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Israeli B1 Visa Tips

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