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Israeli B1 Visa and CPA Papers

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This article addresses the Israeli B1 visa and CPA papers, particularly recent changes that are important to know when applying for an Israeli expert worker visa.  There are two phases of the application process, the first with the Department of Expert Workers that issues the employment permit, and the second with the Ministry of Interior that issues the B1 work visa.

Israeli B1 Visa and CPA Papers

Changes with Regard to the Israeli B1 Visa and CPA Papers

The Israeli B1 visa permit department has become much stricter with regard to the CPA papers it will accept when companies apply for a B1 visa.  While they used to accept a document from the company CPA saying that the foreign expert worker receives twice the average salary in Israel (as is required), the permit department has become much more demanding.  This CPA document, called nispach gimel, must now provide more details.

The CPA must provide a document, a special accountant report for foreign expert wage, which indicates that the salary specified is the salary received.  This salary cannot be allocated for other expenses, as the permit office wishes to see that the company is meeting the criteria demanded throughout the process.  The application process will fail without this document.

Additionally, the CPA document must come from the company that is applying for the expert worker.  In the past, many large international companies with subsidiaries in different countries could apply in a roundabout way.  For example, a foreign expert application could be submitted by one subsidiary in Israel but paid by a subsidiary in another country.  The Israeli permit department will no longer allow this. The company applying must be the company that is paying the salary, and this company’s CPA must provide the special accountant report.

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Our law firm specializes in corporate law and immigration law, among other things.  Thus we provide numerous articles in both these legal categories related to foreign expert workers.  This includes details about the B1 processhow to speed up the application procedure, foreign company visa exemptions, tips to get your visa approved, and more.

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