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Israeli Hi-Tech Visas for Expert workers


Joshua Pex

Are you looking for information regarding Hi-Tech visas for Israeli foreign expert workers? Israel has become one of the foremost key players in the technological sphere. It is the Start-Up nation that promotes constant technological advancement benefiting the entire world. Israel is a country that is on the cutting edge of innovations in all fields: medical, agricultural, defense, transportation, everything. However, with the market production demand, these hi-tech companies need to support their fast level of growth and innovation by bringing in experts to work for them. Many of these experts must come from abroad, since Israel does’t have enough workers in these specific fields. 

Technologically advanced companies need to bring in experts quickly to handle the level of innovation and creation that they produce. Therefore, they need to be able to procure secure working visas for their hi-tech workers that allow for them to work in Israel for a sizable period of time. However, both the employees as well as the companies must meet certain criteria in order to get these hi-tech visas. You can learn what they are here

Hi-Tech Visa Procedural Changes

Hi-Tech VisasThe Population and Immigration Authority implemented an experimental procedure in May 2018 for handling requests by hi-tech companies of granting status to their expert workers in Israel. This procedure was intended to encourage the growth of the hi-tech and cyber industries. This encouragement consisted of an expedited visa acquisition process for foreign workers in only 6 business days. Additionally, it granted work permits to their spouses as well.

According to the Population Authority, from May 2018 to April 2019 only 275 hi-tech foreign experts came to Israel. They provide the statistical charts of the countries from which these experts come, the age ranges of these workers, the length of their visas, and so on. About 46% of these experts come from the United States (127 employees), and the next largest percentage of these workers (23%, 64 employees) come from India, with countries such as France, Germany, China, Taiwan, among many other countries, represented in this statistic.

Error in the Procedure

It appears that from the very beginning, this hi-tech visa was only to be made available for citizens of countries that are exempt from applying for a visitor’s visa, such as the United States and countries belonging to the European Union. Nevertheless, citizens of countries such as China and India were obviously able to receive this hi-tech visa, according to the Population Authorities own statistics.

The Population Authority accounts this as a procedural error, as the hi-tech visas should only be granted to countries falling under the exemption of requesting tourist visas. However, this can make things difficult for employers needing experts from these countries, as the Population Authority intends to not grant hi-tech visas to citizens of countries such as China and India. In addition, requests to extend the visa of an existing employee are directed to go through the lengthier process of 6 to 8 weeks.

Our Immigration Team Can Help – Israeli Expert Work Visa

We know this can be a difficult procedure to navigate, and that it can be needlessly time consuming if not done properly. But our legal team are ready and willing to help smooth the process for you.

If you are an employer trying to obtain status for a foreign expert you wish to hire, or if you are an employee needing to settle your status, you can contact our office for assistance. At Cohen, Decker, Pex & Brosh our lawyers in our Jerusalem or Petach Tikva offices can take you through the process and procure your hi-tech visa. We are more than happy to assist you.

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