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British Police Clearance Certificate

Michael Decker
Michael Decker

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We were very satisfied with the service of Nehama. She was very professional in all her dealings and kept us informed all the way.
We highly recommend this law firm. They proved to be reliable, efficient and pleasant to work with.

Our law office, which specializes in immigration, visas, and foreign passports, provides a variety of services, including issuing a British police clearance certificate (PCC, also known as a Good Conduct Certificate). We have many years of experience in handling procedures for immigration to Israel, to the United States, and to Canada, as well as immigration and passports to England. Thanks to this experience, we have accumulated systemic knowledge regarding the procedure and how to work with the consulates, embassies, and other relevant bodies.

Not only are we familiar with the professional and legal aspects of the field, but we also place a great emphasis on the importance of prioritizing personal and individual care for each and every client and providing them with the best possible service according to their needs and concerns, with a sincere effort to give them the best and most professional treatment.

British police clearance certificate

When Is a PCC Needed and What Is It Used For?

A police clearance check is needed in a number of cases – that is, the certificate must be presented at workplaces, when ordering a passport, at academic institutions, and sometimes even when issuing a visa or for other purposes.

Also an individual who is not a citizen of England but who has resided there for more than three months may sometimes need a British criminal records check for the purposes mentioned above.

Can You Get a British Criminal Record Check On Your Own?

First of all, anyone may request a copy of their police records on their own. However, in contrast to the common belief that doing so will save you money and require little effort, it may sometimes actually cause you irreparable harm.

The criminal record certificate must be clear and concise. Issuing the police certificate properly has consequences concerning foreign-citizenship requests, as well as when applying to academic institutions and perhaps even being allowed to study there at no cost, and may even impede acceptance to jobs at certain workplaces.

Therefore, when a client turns to a professional and knowledgeable firm such as ours, we do not only depend on the facts presented to us by the client, but take notice of every detail and examine the options available to the client in each specific case. We work with the client to find the best route for them, given our professional knowledge.

In many cases, lack of professional knowledge may cause the client to inadvertently make a wrongful criminal record permanent, with all the resulting consequences, instead of clearing the record in advance via the relevant authorities before requesting the police certificate.

Why Is It Important to Be Experienced and Familiar With All the Relevant Authorities and Procedures?

Be aware that having the professional knowledge to make the request is not enough; you must also be familiar with the local British system, since every so often, particularly at present, after the Brexit process, internal changes are made and new regulations put into place, which impact the various procedures.

For these reasons, it is important to contact a firm that is professional and deeply familiar with the field, and that deals with the issues mentioned above on a day-to-day basis. Doing so will save you time and disappointment and prevent harm that may be caused by trying to request your police criminal information certificate on your own or via someone who is not aware of all the potential problems. This is what makes the difference between those who have the knowledge but lack the experience and those who have both the knowledge and the practical experience.

If So, What Would You Advise Someone Who Needs a British PCC to Do?

Do not try to go it alone and risk the harm that may be caused due to an unprofessional request. Contact our law firm, and we will provide you with courteous and professional service according to your personal needs. We will take care of the notarial translation, apostilization, and any other required service. Contact us to schedule a conversation or meeting with a lawyer in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

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