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Bahrain Business Visa to Israel


Joshua Pex

This article will address how to obtain a Bahrain business visa to Israel.  

Bahrain and Israel – Business Opportunities

Bahrain Business Visa to IsraelAt the time of this writing, during which the United Arabs Emirates and Bahrain are normalizing relations with Israel, we have received a number of inquiries from Gulf state companies who wish to register businesses, establish business relations, and send staff to explore opportunities in Israel. There is significant potential for corporate opportunities between Israel and Bahrain.

Obtaining a Bahrain Business Visa to Israel

In order to obtain a business visa to Israel, and assuming Israel establishes a visa agreement with Bahrain, you will need to apply for a B/1 visa.  This visa will allow you to attend a conference, conduct business meetings, come for business negotiations, or sign a contract, among many other business-related activities.  

The B/1 visa requires that an Israeli company that seeks to work with you apply for this visa on your behalf.  There are two stages of this visa process.  The first stage requires applying to the Department of Expert Workers. Once this approval is granted, companies can move to the second stage, applying for a permit with the Israeli Ministry of Interior, which oversees all visas and immigration-related issues. When the visa is granted, it will be handed to applicants at the future Israeli embassy in Bahrain.

Considering that Israel and Bahrain have a visa agreement, it will also be possible to apply for a business visa quickly, through a process called the expedited procedure.

In the event that Israel and Bahrain do not establish a visa agreement, it will still be possible to come to Israel for business purposes, but you will need to enter Israel on a B/2 tourist visa.  In order to obtain this, you or the inviting company will need to set up a bank guarantee to ensure that the terms of the visa are not violated.  

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